Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


2. Outbreak

Elias: Fellow me to the elevator by the OsCorp main desk.

Jessica: You sure this code will work?

Elias: Maybe, come on...and keep your head down.

(Elias and Jessica enter elevator)

Elias: How you going?

Jessica: I'm worried about my brother.

Elias: You must have a lot on your mind.

Jessica: Well there is my brother, my brother's child and girlfriend and the general stasis this city is in.

Elias: Could be worse.

Jessica: Doubt it, haven't seen anything like this before.

Elias: Well I have...beside leaving my best friend behind when I left, I also left my family.

Jessica: It must have been hard to leave, I know what it's like to have to do something like that to protect the one's you love.

Elias: More then anything I could have ever imagined. Goes double for the fact my father made me promise to when I had a family to protect them to my last breath to the last bullet.

Jessica: What happened to your father?

Elias: Before me and Barry started building the rebel forces I lived on earth with my father, mother and sister. The Flaming Sword arrived and we had no warning of their arrival. Half the ceiling of our house fell ad killed my mother. My father placed me and my sister in a teleportation device that sent us to a different universe where I met Barry. My father made me promise do whatever it took and I hope...I made the right choice.

Jessica: Your sister made it?

Elias: From what I remember she did...the only thing I remember of my parents is that last moment. I see it in my dreams through my sister's eyes every night I just with...I with I could remember what happened to my sister.

Jessica: If we succeed you will have your answer.

Elias: I hope so.

(elevator door opens)

Elias: Let's get this done.

Cameron: The subjects are ready to go.

Harry: Finally, after my father died before he finished I thought it would never get done. But with your help over the years, I just want you to means a lot to me that I can get the last wish of my father done for.

Cameron: You are one hell of a kid, grown into a man faster then I could have ever imagined. Now I'll be down in the lab fitting them all up and getting them ready.

Harry: I can always count on you Mr Hodge, see you later.

Cameron: Good day sir.

Elias: Good day.

Harry: Ah what can I help you two with.

Jessica: Me and my husband are from the daily bugle and were hoping to get a quick questionnaire with you.

Harry: Well I do have thirty minutes to spare so, why not. Please...let's discuss this in my office.

Jessica: After you Mr Osborn.

(Jessica and Elias follow Harry into his office)

Harry: So my friends what is it that wish to ask me.

Elias: Only one question, The password to your computer.

Harry: Haha, nice to see the daily bugle can have a slight bit of humour.

Jessica: Who said we were joking (knocks out Harry).

Elias: What you didn't think he would give us the password.

Jessica: Had a feeling he wouldn't.

Elias: Well keep an eye out by the door. Ok the code is in, a minute til we crack through.

Jessica: Damn I didn't see the camera when we came in.

Elias: Forget about them, I gave us a twenty minute window when we entered the building.

Jessica: Then you better be quick.

Elias: Yes, I'm through...oh my god. Oscorp have been researching for the past ten years on a creature to fight against The Flaming Sword.

Jessica: Does it say anything else.

Elias: Much more then I expected. OsCorp rallied their greatest soldiers, all sinister six members were used to be eliminated and all their DNA was used to create...

Jessica: Create what?

Elias: Atomic.

Jessica: OsCorp must have used a surrogate.

Elias: They did but let me search, here we go, the subject was a Charles Standish.

Jessica: Charles Standish, wasn't he Vice President of Oscorp, kidnapped by the Flaming Sword.

Elias: But a few days have his kidnapping he was rescued by The Avengers, but it has here that Cameron had him captured again and taken to be the surrogate.

Jessica: Poor Bastard. Have you found Roy's location as well.

Elias: No, if it's not on here then Roy hasn't been taken by Harry and his men.

(explosion from below)

Jessica: Something's going on down in the streets.

(down near the area of explosion)

Atomic: (graspy and dark) FLAMING SWORD.













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