Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


3. Merge of all the Universes

Roy: So Tony...where is this chopper heading?

Tony: A classified shield base off the coast of Costa Rica, we with meet up with the rest of our Osiris there.

Roy: How are things going with the rogues.

Tony: Jarvis please fill in Mr Grayson.

Jarvis: As you wish sir. The rogues started off as the inhuman group, but once their leader Maximus and a majority of the members died on the arrival of the The Flaming Sword, Shield got the survivors a role in the company and rehabilitated them all and once Captain America joined Shield and the Avengers, Nick Fury headed him the leader of the Inhumans. The members of the rogue unit is Steven Rogers, Medusa, Bolgarius "Tattoo" Frang, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Scarlett Witch.

(Chopper lands at base)

Tony: Let's meet up with the others to discuss the hunt on the rogue units.

(Tony and Roy exit the chopper and enter the bases meeting room)

Rodey: Tony, good to your ok.

Tony: Same with you, where is Natasha at?

Rodey: She was hold up in downtown New York, she will be late. But Logan is here as you can see. It would be a good time to begin the meeting.

Tony: Let's get to it then.


Tony: Thank you Rodey, now as you all know the rogue units have been found in Berlin, Germany. We have the authorities on standby but one thing needs to be addressed before we go in. Medusa, Falcon and our former avenger pal Rogers is hold up in a Berlin house in the slums district. The rest are on their way to the Berlin airport so we have split the teams to catch these units dead or alive.

Logan: They aren't waiting bub, so hurry it up will you.

Tony: Come down Logan, I will. Roy Grayson and Logan will head for Tattoo, Scarlett Witch and Hawkeye while Me, Rodey and the other agents head for Medusa, Cap and Falcon.

Logan: So enough talking and let's go get these runaways. Come on kid.

Roy: I heard much about your skills in the field Logan. I hope to see them in action in Germany.

Logan: You won't miss a second of me in action boy, trust the living hell of that statement. So what got a special kid like you into a war like this.

Roy: Well I smoke.

Logan: So do I bub.

Roy: No, no, no, you are mistaken. I smoke as in fire smoke like blasts and I used to smoke through the air but that was taken away from me.

Logan: I know what you mean, Powers I used to have are gone, like my claws. They used to be adamantium but as a few buddies of mine in Japan made sure to take those away from me. Now they are just bone claws.

Roy: Also my mother is one of the rogue units, Medusa per say.

Logan: Tough hand you've been given bub, I've been through similar events so...I got your back.

Roy: Thanks.

(Meanwhile in the Berlin Slums)

Steve: When will the plane arrive.

Tattoo: Within the hour at the airport.

Medusa: Can we stop playing with our tattoos and focus on the situation.

Tattoo: Relax Meeeedusa, Those bastards at shield won't get back at that facility in Africa.

Steve: You won't, none of you will go back there, I'll make sure of that.

Hawkeye: We are all in the same boat here, so let's calm down.

Medusa: Yeah, that's correct. We are in the same boat and its

Falcon: If it does I'll fly you all to the next one then, more time, the better chance we all get out of this alive and safe.

Tattoo: Then we must be ready to get out this country.

Medusa: That won't matter.

Steve: It will and it does.

Medusa: Just shut up and listen Steve. Shield and their goons aren't our biggest problem...not anymore. When I was being experimented on by OsCorp they were talking about a monster they were making down in the lab. To hunt the Flaming Sword but what the head researcher, Cameron Hodge, didn't tell the CEO was that he set it to also go after all failed experiments of OsCorp. That includes me and...all of you.

Scarlet Witch: Say what's on your mind, Medusa.

Medusa: OsCorp helped Shield with funding on rebuilding New York after the Loki attack back in 2012. That means because of your connection between Shield and OsCorp.

Tattoo: Very nice...that would mean another fight.

Medusa: Don't underestimate Atomic. He is breed to kill people like us, without mercy and not a second of regret will cross his face when he rips your head off your body.

Steve: Then we all must move, before either sides catch us. I'll make a distraction to get some of you out of here...but I'll need help.

Falcon: I got your back man.

Steve: Great, now the rest of you must rush to the airport at once.

Tattoo: I'll lead the way.

Medusa: Steve, I'm staying as well...the least I could do for everything you have done for me and Tattoo.

Steve: (smile) You better be ready then, cause a great fight is coming...for us all.











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