Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


8. Beyond

Nick: Good to have all you brave men and women around this table today. Now the first part of our plan is to stop the Flaming Sword from using the gate to move to each world and universe.

Roy: How do you plan on finding the gate?

Nick: Lead them out somehow, that's what we need to figure out.

(explosion heard from above)

Jessica: What's that sound up there?

Val: It's The Flaming Sword, they've discovered our hideout and have used the gate to get in.

Logan: Then let's go deal with these bastards then.

Nick: Focus up people, Roy you go with Val, Elias and Jessica to take the gate while me, Logan and the others give The Flaming Sword one hell of a hard time.

Natasha: Wait a second everyone...take a quick look at the screen.

(Natasha turns on screen in the meeting room)

Reporter: We just got word, around 4:26pm this morning Berlin was destroyed by a radioactive explosion which have caused an estimated 800 000 deaths. New York has also been announced to be ground zero of the new infection which has put the city into Marshal Law. Here in Costa Rica, the radioactive wave from Berlin has been spotted to have spread to Costa Rica so...

(glass is shattered by radioactive wave and the radiation enters the station)

Reporter: Oh no (cough cough).

(live feed cuts off)

Roy: We need to deal with Gabriel quickly.

Nick: Agreed, everybody head off.

(Roy's group head to the upper dock area with the gate)

Roy: Jessica.

Jessica: What's the plan?

Roy: Take Elias and keep watch here while me and Val have a look at the gate.

Elias: We got your back Roy, go.

Val: Damn this thing is pretty bright.

Gabriel: It is isn't it.

Roy: Stay still, don't move Gabriel.

Gabriel: I thought you'd be happier to see me.

Roy: Never been less happy in my life.

Gabriel: Strange, because last time I checked I was the one in possession of your daughter.

Val: Give Hayden back you monster.

Gabriel: Hayden what you named her, ok. Azazel!

Azazel: (appears with the baby Hayden) Seems you all seem shocked.

Erinyes: Here we go (takes Elias captive).

Jessica: Big mistake asshole.

Azriel: don't even try it Miss Jones (takes Jessica captive).

Roy: Give me my child.

Azazel: Take her from me then, boy.

(Roy smokes into Azazel)

Azazel: What the hell are you (Roy explodes Azazel from the inside and grabs his child).

Gabriel: Why, how did you...

Roy: Improved abilities, with the help of a friend.

Gabriel: What friends, Erinyes! Azriel!

Erinyes: Too bad it had to end this way Elias, goodbye.

(Erinyes is electrocuted by Benny)

Azriel: Little fucker.

(Azriel is pierced through the stomach with a sword by Jason)

Azriel: (coughing up blood) Yooou...bastards.

(Azriel is killed)

Jason: Here Benny.

Benny: (catches sword) Thanks mate.

Erinyes: Nice move kid, nice move.

(Benny decapitates Erinyes)

Roy: These friends (gives baby to Val).

Gabriel: Haha.

Hayden: Right in time I guess.

Val: Right in time in deed Hayden.

Gabriel: (points gun at Hayden) Say goodbye to your friends Hayden, Roy.

Roy: Drop the gun Gabriel, it's over man...shoot her and I will kill you.

Gabriel: Doesn't change anything Roy. The next events coming will still happen, nothing you can do about it.

Roy: You drugged old man, your Lieutenant's are dead and you have nowhere to go.

Gabriel: Not all my Lieutenant's.

(Babylon shoots Hayden in the back)

Hayden: (looks at wound and back at Roy) Roy.

(Babylon then shoots Hayden in the head)


(Roy fires smoke blast at Babylon and puts a hole through his heart, killing him)

Gabriel: You seem my Lieutenant's are willing to give their lives on a moments notice, willing to the things people like you never could.

Roy: Your wrong.

Gabriel: Am I (shoots Roy).

Val: No, Roy!

Gabriel: Son of a bitch.

Roy: You see Gabriel being mostly made out of smoke bullets tend to pass right through me with no wounds as such.

Gabriel: Well that was my last bullet so...we know how the has to end.

Roy: Yes, we do.

(Roy smokes to right behind Gabriel and puts him into a head lock)

Gabriel: Fast aren't you.

Roy: Quick I am (rips off Gabriel's head).

Val: What know?

(the shacking ceiling breaks and falls)

Roy: Vaaaaaal!

(debris falls onto Val)

Roy: (balls out crying) No, no, no, no, baby. Please no.

Jessica: She's gone Roy.

Roy: No I save her.

Jessica: (places hand on Roy's shoulder) Roy.

Roy: Fuuuuck!

(cries from a baby is heard)

Roy: Where is she? Thank god your alright Hayden, Val...your mother is gone. But I'm still here and I promise to get you out of here, whatever it takes.

Elias: I'm so sorry man, but just to let you know the gate is functional but...the universe on the other side is seventeen years behind us.

Roy: So we can go through.

Elias: Yes, we can.

Roy: Elias.

Elias: Yeah Roy.

Roy: Take Hayden.

Elias: Why?

Roy: You and Jessica need to take her because...I'm not going.

Jessica: Roy.

Roy: Please Jess, let me speak. Elias your the most powerful out of the bunch so I'm asking you, with the help of my sister here and my friends Jason and Benny, to protect this child.

Elias: Roy you need to protect her, she'll need her father since her mother has passed away.

Roy: I can't just leave, this world needs me and so does my step family and I need closure with my mother, my real mother.

Elias: Roy man you can just...

Roy: Shut it! Look Elias I need you to look me in the eye and promise me that you will fight to the last bullet, to the last breath, to protect Hayden and our friends from threats like these. Elias your a man of his word and if you had a child you would understand so this one last thing for me.

(Elias begin to have tears fall down his eyes and cheeks)

Elias: I promise.

Roy: I need you to Jason, Benny and Jessica to promise as well, you will do this one last thing for me.

Jason: Sure do man.

Benny: You can trust me and Jason to look after your kid, with every bit of power we got.

Roy: Thanks about you Jess?

Jessica: (starts crying) Ok.

Roy: Good, now go before that radioactive cloud reaches the base.

(Jason and Benny leave through the gate, Jessica looks at Roy then goes through the gate as well)

Elias: I hope to see you again Roy and if I do...first round is on me.

Roy: Sounds good to me.

(Elias walks toward the gate)

Roy: Hey Elias.

Elias: Yeah.

Roy: Man to man can you make me one last promise?

Elias: Whatever you need man.

Roy: Promise me when you have a family you will do the same as I have done here today.

Elias: Ha, I promise.

(Elias leaves through the gate then sabotages the gate)














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