Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


5. All Hope Gone

Jessica: How are we going to get out of this place.

Elias: The roof, let's see if there is a medical chopper up there.

Jessica: OsCorp keeps a chopper on the roof?

Elias: We will have to see, come on.

(Elias and Jessica reach the roof)

Elias: No chopper, my god.

Jessica: What do we do now?

(medical chopper lands on roof)

Jessica: Thank goodness.

Harleen: Come with me...quickly...we leaving the city.

Elias: Why?

Harleen: That creature has infected the city with some radioactive poison, it's spreading and it's causing the population to become extremely violent. So an evacuation has been placed into effect.

Elias: Talk about this on the chopper, let's go.

(Everyone enters the chopper)

Jessica: Val.

Val: (hugs Jessica) Good to see a friendly face.

Jessica: Where is the baby at?

Val: Otto went to get the child when we needed to exit quickly.

Elias: You don't seem to be shocked to see me here.

Val: I read minds, seen I can't read you I went to Jess, you're ok with me.

Elias: Great, because to deal with The Flaming Sword and that creature OsCorp created, we'll all need to work together.

Jessica: So Harleen...where is this chopper heading?

Harleen: To Long Island...a medical facility over there is where we would meet up with Otto to get the kid. By the way, Val, have you came up with a name for you and Roy's kid?

Val: Not yet...I'm waiting till I'll meet up with Roy to make that decision.

Elias: Don't think Roy will be at Long Island.

Val: I don't either, How about you Harleen, I believe Roy was heading towards Berlin...we should take a detour.

Harleen: Fine, but fast and quick.

(Val winks at Jessica and Elias)

Jessica: But Otto has the child.

Val: No he doesn't, Otto's gone.

Harleen: Otto's gone?

Val: The Flaming Sword leader, Gabriel, killed him and my kid.

Harleen: Why would they take your kid and kill Otto?

Val: I can't see into Gabriel's head, but Otto died protecting the kid.

Elias: Then can you pin point the kids location.

Val: Germany, but what shocks me is that everyone is there.

Harleen: Everyone?

Val: Roy, Shield, The Flaming Sword. A civil war has begun between Iron Man's crew and Captain America's rogue group of agents. OsCorp's monster, Atomic, is wrecking a path through Berlin as we speak.

Jessica: If we are going into the middle of that clusterfuck then we'll need help.

Val: I know what to do but...we all will need to split up. Jessica and two should go get Hayden and our friends.

Jessica: Where are you going?

Val: One thing I need to do in trust with Roy is getting his family out of this city.

Jessica: Let me go with you.

Val: No, Hayden and the others need you right now. I can handle this.

Jessica: careful...if you got hurt Roy would kill me.

Val: Hey come on Jess, its me.

Jessica: Yeah well...just be careful ok. Elias...let's go get these kids.

Elias: These kids better have harnessed their powers...because they'll need it.

(Jessica and Elias fly out of the chopper)

Harleen: So are we heading to rescue the Grayson's?

Val: Yes...hurry it, now.

(Val and Harleen head to the Grayson residence)

Val: Here we the chopper.

(Val exits chopper)

Val: Harleen, stay here.

Harleen: Be careful and fast to, we got infected around this area.

Val: Just watch my back while I'm in there.

(Val enters house)

Val: Eren! Griffin! Anya!

Anya: Val, please I need your help.

Val: You ok Anya?

Anya: Yes, yes, it's my mom. She is trapped under a collapsed banner in the kitchen.

Val: What about Griffin?

Anya: He is with mom, now come on.

(enter kitchen)

Anya: Dad, what's wrong with mom?

Griffin: She is unconscious, Val...good to have some help here.

Val: Griffin get on the banner and Anya, get ready to drag Eren out.

Griffin: Fine, don't hold back.

Val: I won't, now...LIFT!

(bannered is lifted and Eren is dragged out)

Anya: (sad) Mom...please wake up, come on hang in there.

Eren: I'm still here honey.

Griffin: Now how are we getting out of here?

Val: A medical chopper is ready out the front of the house, now go you two...I'll help out Eren.

Anya: Then let's get the hell out of this please before the infected show up.

(Anya and Griffin quickly get into the chopper)

Eren: My god Val...I think that banner broke my left leg.

Val: It'll be fixed later, just hold in there Eren.

(an infected person lunges onto Eren)

Val: Get away from her you infected piece of shit (throws infected off of Eren).

Anya: Val, mom (pulls Eren into chopper and grabs knife from inside the chopper). Diiiie (stabs infected in the head).

Val: and your mom was almost a goner there...Anya.

Anya: Nate, it's Nate.

Val: Oh no...I'm sorry Anya.

Anya: No need...he isn't my boyfriend anymore, remember.

Val: Yeah but...still.

Anya: Let's get out of here.

(everyone gets into chopper and lift off)

Anya: So where are we heading.

Elias: Berlin, Germany.

Anya: Why so far?

Jessica: Roy is in Germany, we all going to get him.

Anya: I'm sorry who are you?

Jessica: My name is Jessica, Jessica Jones.

Anya: Please to meet you, so how did you get messed up in all this.

Jessica: This may sound strange are all Roy's step family aren't you.

Eren: Yes but how do you know?

Jessica: Because Roy is my brother.

Anya: Wait how...what?

Jessica: Once I found that Roy was in this area I decided to leave him to this normal life. But I heard about the attack at the school and rushed over to help out.

Eren: Well it seems we all have a lot to catch up on.

Jessica: We do, but that can wait. At least until we meet up with Roy.

Anya: Well ok...let's go to Germany.














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