Alice and Andy.

Teenagers in love, her brothers best friend. Romance blooms even when it is not suposed too.


2. Young and foolish.

I own the storyline. Some hotness.


I woke up to sweat rolling down my chest and legs, my eyes opened to see a blury sun staring straight at me through the fully opened window, I blinked rapidly looking away and around my room.

I must have fallen back to sleep as I was listing to the radio, jeeze it's so hot, it was definitely time to take a shower, I slowly climbed off my bed and gathered my towel that was the back of the door, I quickly looked out the window as I passed it to see both Andy and Justin in the pool, jumping and fooling around.

Andy was definitely something to look at without a shirt, he wasn't pure muscle like Justin, he was lean and toned with the beginning of a six-pack, his arms and abdominals well defined.

Andy looked up at the right time to me looking at him, I jumped and ducked down next to the window against the wall, I felt my face blush, I stood up slowly still leaning against the wall, I let out a deep breath brushing the few strands of hair out of my face.

I walked past the window towards my door and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Andy still looking up at me smiling and shaking his head.

I practically ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut, leaning against it. I walked in front of the mirror and looked at myself fully in the mirror, I was pretty but nothing special.

My ash brown hair filled with honey coloured highlights was long and thick, my blue eyes filled my heart shaped face, something I got from mum. A soft nose and medium sized lips the bottom one slightly fuller, filled my face.

When I smiled I had a dimple in each cheek, and straight white teeth. I ran my red finger nails down my neck and over my collar bones, feeling them beneath my finger tips. I slowly removed my clothing dropping them to the floor, now looking at my body.

I had small but full breasts, a soft shapely belly on the verge of being toned, and long legs, I was pale considering I was outside most days. A soft sigh fell from my lips, I turned to the shower and opened the glass door turning on the hot water waiting for it to heat up.

Once the water was boiling I turned on the cold water to even out the temperature. I stepped under the water, closing the door, letting the warm water run down my shoulders and back relaxing every muscle in my body.

I tipped my head back under the water, running my hands through my hair, I grabbed the pear smelling shampoo of the rack and squirted a reasonable size into my hand before putting it back, and gently massaging it into my hair and scalp, I did the same with the conditioner before rinsing my hair.

I grabbed the raspberry smelling body wash, squirting some into my hands, before massaging it into my neck and shoulders slowly moving down my body before rinsing off any soap that was left.

I turned of both taps and grabbed my fluffy towel, stepping out of the shower, wrapping it around me, I stepped up to the foggy mirror, wiping my hand across it, looking at my wet form.

I grabbed my green tooth brush and some tooth-paste, and started to brush my teeth, I spited out the tooth-paste rinsing my mouth and brush before putting it back.

I turned around and scooped up my dirty clothing and put it in the hamper bin. I moved to grab my clean clothes off of the toilet lid to see that they weren't there.

Clothes, I thought, shit were are they?, I spun around in a circle to see they were not in here, dammit, they were still in my room.

"It's okay, chill, Andy's in the pool, nobody going to be up this end of the house." I said talking to myself.

I wrung my hands together before grabbing the door handle with one hand, grabbing the top of the towel with the other. Just as I opened the door I bumped into something, rather someone.

Two warm hands grabbed the sides of my arms steadying me, "Alice?"

I blushed as I heard Andy's voice, I looked up form his naked chest to his neck, lips and finally his sparkling brown eyes, "A-andy." I whispered to him, my attention was diverted to the tiny droplets running down from his dirty blonde hair down his chest.

I bit my lip softly, reaching up to touch his chest, "Alice?" Andy's hand grabbed mine befroe I could touch him.

My gaze snapped back to meet his, my breathing slightly more heavy than what is was, "Hmmm."

He didn't say anything, his eyes just kept staring into mine, with his other hand he brought it up to my face, the tips of his fingers brushing against my cheekbone, my eyes closed and I released a stuttered breath.

"So soft." My eyes opened, and my lips twitched, wanting to smile as I had been waiting for this to happen for the last three years.

"Please." I didn't really know what I was asking for, but Andy seemed to understand.

He slowly started to lean down staring into my eyes, I closed my eyes seconds before he was going to kiss me, but it never came, instead our temples rested against each other, his breath hot on my cheek and ear.

He softly kissed the shell of my ear, before softly shaking his head.

"I-I can't. We can't." He hissed, pulling back resting our foreheads together, looking into my now open eyes.

I leaned up to kiss him but he pulled back bit, both hands now resting on either side of my face, "What? Why?"

"He, I, we just can't." His face softened at the expression on my face, I shook his hands of my face and he let them drop down to his sides.

 I stepped past him through the gap he left, and walked straight into my room and slammed the door. I opened my draws and put on a pair of black boy shorts, and ripped jean shorts, with a loose black shirt you could wear with no bra.

There was knocking on my door, "Alice, come on open the door, please." I grabbed the door and yanked it open, Andy was standing there.

"Why, tell me." I snapped at him crossing my arms.

"I, we just can't, I can't" Andy said trying to touch me, I pulled back and he dropped his arm.

"Why, don't lie, there's more?" Andy didn't answer, confirming what I said was true.

"Is it you'r parents, friends, Justin-" at that his whole facial expression changed, "-I c-can't believe this, why?"

"Alice listen-"

"No, you can't defend him." The words were rushed out, I unfolded my arms and shoved past him, I rushed down the hallway and thundered down the stairs, with Andy right behind me.

"Alice wait-"

"No!" I rushed past mum, as she got up to see what was happening.


 I raced out the back door with both mum and Andy behind me, Justin was sitting at the outdoor table, Justin looked up hearing the commotion, he stood up and took a step in our direction.

I felt a strong hand grab my arm, I whirled around to face Andy, anger clear on my face.

"Let go, now!" Andy looked at me for a second before letting go.

"Andy, what did you do!" Anger in Justin's voice clear.

I whirled around to him and walked to stand directly in front of him.

"He didn't do anything, it's you! You ruin everything!" My voice was raising a I spoke.

"Alice, what? I didn't-"

"Don't lie Justin! Why? I was happy, and you ruined it!" My teeth gritted as I spoke, my hands clenching.

"I, I'm not lying Alice!" Frustration clear on his face.

"Bullshit, you won't let us be together, I never thought you would actually do this to us!" I was full out yelling by this point.

Justin's face became a cold mask as he realised what I was talking about.

"You don't understand-"

"No! You don't understand-"

"Listen to me Alice-"

"No!" My hand came up and smacked Justin, a red mark already appearing on his cheek.

"ALICE!" The yell was my fathers voice, at some point he had gotten home to witness what was happening, Justin had a look of pure shock on his voice.

A tear rolled down my cheek, "I hate you," I stepped back turned around to see Andy looking at sadly at me and mum had a hand over her mouth.

I started walking back to the house, when my name was called by both boys, "Alice."

"No, the both of you leave her." Dad said as I disappeared into the house.

The tears that filled my eyes made me stumble up the steps, and through the hallway, I opened my door slamming it at soon as I was into the room, I layed down on the bed hugging one of my pillows as I softly cried into it.

It's not fair.

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