Alice and Andy.

Teenagers in love, her brothers best friend. Romance blooms even when it is not suposed too.


3. Young and brave.

Not long left. I own the storyline.


A soft knock was heard before the door opened slowly, "Alice, you awake honey?"

Mum's voice was soft, full of caution, her light foot steps treaded across the floor, before sitting next to me on the edge of the bed.

"Mmm." Was the only response I gave her. I opened my heavy lidded eyes, and focused them on her. She slowly lifted her hand and rested it on my back and began to slowly rub it.

"Are- are you okay?" Concern purely in her voice. Her eyes full of sadness. I just shrugged my shoulders, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Oh sweetie." She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, running her fingers through my hair.

"Mum?" I murmured. Tucking both my hands under my chin.


"What, uh, what happened after... you know?" I blinked my tears away.

Mum let out a heavy sigh. "After you went inside, both the boys tried to go after you, your father told them to leave you alone for awhile, things were quite for a few seconds, before..."


Mum rubbed her forehead with her other hand, "Justin... he started to interrogate Andy about what happened between the two of you whilst you were both in the house together, Andy said it was private and that it was none of Justin's business... Justin being himself got angry at Andy ranting that nothing was going to happen if he could help it..."

"No." I whispered, clenching my hands.

"Shh, Andy said that you and himself could do as you pleased, and that he was in love with you, Justin got so mad he shoved Andy-" I gasped sharply, "-No it's okay, your father broke them apart, he sent Andy home, Justin's been told he will be going to your Uncle David's tomorrow morning for a few days."

"Wait, wait, h-he said he loved me, oh god." I fully sat up now, my eyes wide, my hands grabbing her's. A smile came to mum's face, she only nodded her head.

"Oh wow, I uh okay." I slowly nodded my head, taking and processing what mum had just told me. Wow, this is unreal. I squeezed mum's hand, before letting go, running my fingers through my hair, before dropping them into my lap.

"Alice, Andy said he wanted to talk to you as soon as he could."

"Oh, uh can I just, I need a day to myself, if that's okay?" I wrung my hands together as I spoke.

"Sure honey, I can ring him and let him know."

"Thanks mum." I smiled at her, leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Are you going to come down for something to eat? I know it's late, but I think you should eat something." Mum asked as she stood up of the bed and held out a hand for me.

I nodded my head before taking her hand, letting her pull me up of the bed, we both walked hand in hand out of my room down the hallway then the stairs.

Mum let go of my hand, walking into the kitchen before me, just as I turned the corner, I saw mum kissing dad on the cheek, before moving to the fridge pulling out some strawberry jam, placing it on the counter, also grabbing two slices of bread placing them on the counter next to a clean knife.

I pulled out the dining chair next to dad, and sat down, folding my arms leaning on the dining table, dad looked up from his computer at me.

"Uh hi." I nervously said, twitching my fingers.

"Hello, Alice." Dad said as he closed the lid, of the computer.

I looked around nervously, biting my lip. "I'm sorry about what happened dad, Justin... he mad me so angry."

"It's understandable Alice, I'm angry at Justin, for denying a relationship between you and Andy, but I'm also livid that you decided it was okay to hit your brother." Dad's face was calm, but his lips were set in a firm angry line. I let out a sigh as I unfolded and refolded my arms.

"Next time you ever do something like that, you'll be grounded for two weeks, and everything will be taken away from you for that time, understood." I nodded my head, "Crystal."

A hand appeared as mum put the strawberry jam sandwich in front of me. "Thank's."

I picked up one triangle slice taking a huge bite chewing quickly, before swallowing and taking another bite.

"Alice, has your mother told you where your brother is going?"

I nodded my head taking another bite and quickly swallowing. "Yeah, mum said he was going to uncle David's for a few days."

"Three, to be exact. So whatever is happening between you and Andy, you have three days to sought it out." Dad said as he re-opened his computer.

"Okay." I slid out from my chair taking my half empty plate with me and made a move to go back to my room.

"Alice?" I turned my head to look back at dad.


"Can I give you some advice?" Dad asked softly.


"Don't listen to your brother, do what you want to do, he'll get over it, all he has to do is listen to your uncle, and I'm sure he'll understand, okay."

I nodded my head, "Okay, Thank's dad. Love you both." I softly said.

"We love you as well." Dad said with a small smile on his face mum silently nodding.

I tuned around, walking up the stairs and down the hallway, I looked at Justin's door to see it was closed, I let out a soft sigh, I walked to my room, turning on my light, putting the plate on a shelf.

Before changing into some soft short pyjamas, I turned of the light and closed the door, slipping into bed only pulling the sheet up covering me.

What a day. Me Andy have to sought this out, discuss what was said, our actions. I released a deep breath, rolling over to my side looking out the window up at the starry night. Night Andy. I closed my eyes and soon drifted off into a deep slumber.


Rolling over, I opened my eyes to see it was about midday, and sometime during the night I had kicked all of my blankets and sheets down to the edge of my bed.

I slowly sat up, pulling the headband of my wrist, tying my hair into a messy bun on top of my head. I stood up and looked out the window, the sky was clear, and the wind was breezy, I opened the window fully to let more air in.

I walked to my bedroom door, opening it and walked straight into the bathroom closing the door, I relieved myself, flushing the toilet and washing my hands. I grabbed my green tooth brush and tooth paste and started brushing my teeth.

I looked at myself in the mirror, face was flushed pink form the heat, definitely time to get in the pool, I blinked at myself in the mirror, spiting out the tooth paste, and rinsing my mouth and and the tooth brush.

I put the tooth brush back in the holder, and walked back to my room closing the door behind me as I entered, I started to take of my clothes dropping them in the basket, as I moved to my dresser.

I opened the third draw pulling out a black and white striped two piece bikini. Nice, I slid the bikini bottoms up my legs and to rest on my hips, I tied the top strings together, sliding the top over my head I tied the strings at the back, re-adjusting the the top so it fit and covered everything.

I walked out of my room grabbing a towel out of the hallway cupboard, slinging it over my shoulder, walking down the steps with light feet.

I walked past the kitchen, quickly looking into see mum talking on the phone, "I'm going in the pool."

"Yeah, ha-hang on a second-" Mum took the phone away form her her pressing it against her shoulder.

"Alice, Justin's at your uncle's-" I nodded my head, "-And I rang Andy last night and told him to stay away for a day, he's okay with that."

"Thank's." I smiled at mum. I pushed the screen door open and mum's conversation faded away.

I walked down the three steps, and opened the gate for the pool, chucking the towel on the fence. I chucked one of the lounge floaties in the pool for me to lay on later on.

Walking down to the deep end of the pool, I walked to the edge, curling my toes on the, taking a deep breath, I dived in sinking straight to the bottom.

I slowly floated to the top, coming out of the water to take  a breath, I pushed my hair back of my hair.

I slowly started to swim to the shallow end of the pool. Once I reached it, I tuned myself around, taking a deep breath, I pushed myself under the water, brought my feet up to the wall and pushed of, swimming under the water, before breaking to the surface, swimming with one arm over the other.

I was at the other end in fifteen seconds, before swimming under and twisting, rolling and kicking of the wall to do three more laps. After ending my fourth lap, I sat the bottom of the pool for as long as I could, feeling totally calm.

As my lungs started to burn, I pushed myself up to the surface, taking in gulps of air, once I got my breathing under control, I looked around for my lounge floatie.

Once I found it I swam to it and pulled myself up and in to it, made myself comfortable, before closing my eye relaxing in the warm sun, as my body temperature rose I became all warm and sleepy.

I don't know how long I was there for when I felt a chill go down my spine, I opened my eyes blinded by the light to see a shadowy figure standing there facing me.

Me being me, I completely freaked out, falling of my floatie into the water, I surfaced taking a deep breath, turning around to Andy standing there, hands in his pockets, head tilted smiling at me.

"H-how long have you been there?" I stuttered out embarrassed.

"Long enough." He slid his hands out from his pockets crossing his arms over his chest, straining against his shirt.

"That's uh, I, you know-" my words were a blubbering mess.

"You look cute when you sleep." His smile turned into a smirk.

My voice went totally silent, I felt my face flush with embarrassment. I looked anywhere but at him. I looked back at him and he seemed to be thinking about something, biting his lip, that I loved to see him do.

He unfolded his arms grabbing the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up his body and over his head dropping it.

"What are- what are you doing, mum said you weren't going to come around for a day?" I rushed out turning my head as he started to unbuckle his pants.

"Technically, what happened, was this time yesterday, so it's been twenty four hours, one day." You could hear he was being a smartass in voice.

I whirled around to snap at him, only to see him dropping his pants, standing there in only his very tight boxer briefs.

"Ohmygod." I practically spat it out, slapping a hand over my eyes.

I could hear Andy letting out a chuckle at my antics. "Fairs, fair."

Yeah right. Oh god, he's coming in. I heard the splash,and felt the water spit and ripple around me. I split my fingers open to see him coming up from under the water.

I dropped my hand, taking in his wet hair, sparkling brown eyes, and the giant grin that was on his face.

Andy slowly started to swim towards me, I backed up until my back grazed the pool wall, Andy stopped just in front of me putting his arms on either side of me, palms on the pool edge.

I let out a deep breath before speaking, "Mum, uh, she told me what you said yesterday."

Andy ran one hand through his hair slicking it back, before placing it where it was.

"Which bit?"

"All of it, but y-you said you love me." I whispered to him.

Andy nodded his head moving closer to me leaning down slightly. "Yeah, yeah it's true."

I nodded my head licking my lips, watching as his eyes tracked the movement.

"How long?" Was my whispered question. I looked up at him from under my lashes. His lips slowly parted, breathing picking up slightly.

"Year, maybe two, not exactly sure." I nodded my head, moving from one foot to the other. I folded my arms, unintentionally pushing up my breasts, Andy eyes flicking down to my breasts before back to my face.

"What about you? How long?"

"Since I was fourteen." Nodding my head, I looked anywhere but at him, my face full of colour.

"Fourteen." Andy whispered. I brought my eyes back to him, biting my lip, and blinking rapidly.

"Yeah." I brought both my hands up and ran them over my face, letting out a deep breath. I feel so light now, happy but nervous.

"Hey." Andy said, grabbing my hands bringing them to his chest, his hands clasped around mine. "Don't be embarrassed."

I swallowed, slowly nodding my head.

Andy nervously flicked his eyes around before looking back at me. "Can I-" He cleared his throat before continuing, "- can I kiss you?"

My mouth dropped open, and he just smirked. I clenched my hands, and Andy just drew circles on them with his thumbs.

It's happening. Holy crap. In my head I was a ball of excitement, on the outside I was a nervous wreck.

"Yeah." Was my whispered response. Andy slowly let go of my hands and I left them to rest on his chest. He moved forward stopping so his body was pressed against mine.

I could feel his muscles move and ripple under his skin. Feel his breathing pick up. He brought his hands up and rested them on each side of my face.

He looked at my lips as he started to lean down, before moving his eyes to mine, I let out a shaky breath as I closed my eyes. I felt his breath on my lips, before slowly ever so slightly, the graze of his bottom lip on mine.

I moved my head forward to kiss him, but he pulled back slightly, bumping his nose with mine. I moved my hands up his damp chest to rest on the sides of his neck.

With my eyes still closed, I felt everything that was going on. I felt Andy's thumb move across my cheek bone, before feeling softly a pair of lips just were he had rubbed.

I moved my right hand up his neck to the back of his head, tugging gently trying to get his lips back to mine. I felt him draw back, before feeling his lips graze mine.


"Please." I whispered out, feeling excitement bubble through me.

Andy pressed his lips to mine in a sweet kiss, moving together gently, but it soon turned heated. Andy sucked on my bottom lip, gently nibbling on it. I released a shaky breath, continuing to kiss him.

I felt his tongue swipe against my lips asking for entrance. I opened my mouth allowing his tongue into my mouth, I shyly touched his tongue feeling the rough side the top and silky feeling on the bottom.

Our tongues continued to twist and duel each other, before breaking part for some much needed air.

I opened my eyes to see him breathing hard looking at me. My hand that was holing the back of his head was now playing with his hair.

"Say it." He whispered, dropping his left hand from my face, sliding it down my neck, then down my back tracing my spine, before wrapping it around my waist pulling me tightly against him.

"W-what." I was confused after what Andy just did.

"Say it. You know." He whispered, dipping his head so our noses were brushing against each other.

Oh, he wants me to tell him I love him.

"I love you." A giant smile bloomed on my face as I said this.

"Again." Andy's voice was rough, full of desire.

"I. Love. You." All I saw before Andy kissed me and I closed my eyes, was the desire burn brightly in his eyes.

His kisses were hot and fast, his hand not gripping my waist, moved into my hair gripping my hair softly, not wanting to hurt me.

He pulled back, "God's I love you Alice." He continued to kiss me, before breaking away from my lips, moving to my neck. He kissed my neck before gently sucking the skin, most likely forming a hickey.

He scraped his teeth against my shoulder. Before pulling away and speaking, "Jump and wrap your legs around me."

I was so caught up in what was happening I did as he asked. I jumped up wrapping both my legs around him. The hand that was wrapped around my waist, moved under my legs.

Andy continued to kiss my neck as I felt him move us backwards, lifting me up slightly higher, before placing me on the concrete, on the edge of the pool. I dropped both my hands placing them slightly behind me to lean back.

I could feel both of Andy's hands come to my waist slowly sliding up my body, to rest just under my breasts. His lips moved to my collarbone, before moving down to the swells of my breasts, his hand coming up to cup my left breast, whilst he sucked the skin on the swell of my breast.

So good

I let out a sharp gasp, as he rubbed my hardened nipple with his thumb.

"Please." I brought my hand up to run through his hair as he pulled back from my breast.

"Come here." Was his ruff voice. I sat up and leaned down to kiss him, his fingers running through my hair before gripping it.

The sound of a car horn broke me out of my lust filled haze, I pulled back breathing heavily.

"W-wait, wait." I rushed out as Andy scraped his teeth against my jaw.

"Hmm." Was his only response continuing his tortures kissing.

"M-mum's still home, she could, sh-she-" I let out a soft sigh as Andy finally pulled back, "-thank you."

Andy dropped his hands to rest on my thighs, "I, uh, it was never meant to go that far."

"Yeah." I muttered.

"I love you, truly." He whispered dipping his head.

I smiled leaning up to him, "I know."

I softly kissed his lips closing my eyes, wrapping both arms around his neck before breaking the kiss, ducking my head to rest my chin on his shoulder hugging him. He softly but tightly wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you Andy." I whispered, there was no response, except for a gentle kiss on the side of my head.

I pulled back smiling brightly at him. He returned the smile, his eyes shining brightly in the sun.

"You should get ready."

"Why?" I asked tilting my head.

"Because you-" He said running his hands up and down my thighs, "-are going on a date with me, tonight."

"Really?" Excitement in my voice, Andy just nodded his head a goofy smile on his face.

"How long do I have?"

"Until six thirty, two hours." I nodded my head, "Ok."

"Dry off, then pass me the towel." He said, and I nodded.

I slid back slightly before kneeling on my knees, then stood up. Andy moved away towards the pool steps climbing out, his boxer briefs becoming a second skin.

I turned my eyes in an attempt at giving him privacy, I walked to the towel, grabbing it before running it through my still tied up hair. I then ran it over my arms, chest and stomach. Bending down to wipe my legs and the bottom of my feet.

"That's a nice sight." Andy whispered directly behind me, I twisted my head slightly answering, "Is it?"

I stood up and turned fully around, a cheeky smile on my face. I gave him the towel and watched as he started to dry himself off.

"It's not nice to tease Alice." He said, a stupid look on his face.

Who knows what he's thinking.

I scoffed at him, "You should take your own advice."

Andy just snorted, shaking his head. He finished drying himself off, turning around and walking to his clothes bending down to pick them up.

Tables are turned, I thought as I looked at his butt, tilting my head, Andy stood back up, turning around to look at me. I darted my eyes away before looking back at him, shifting from one foot the other.

"Were you just checking me out, Alice?" Andy asked, eyeing me suspiciously. I shook my head.

Andy nodded his head as he spoke, "Yes you were, I saw." Andy slowly stepped into his pants, pulling them up his legs, my eyes tracked the movements, just as he got to his knees I looked away, slightly embarrassed to see the product of our heavy make out session.

I waited a few seconds before flicking my eyes back to him, to see him buttoning them up, my eyes moved up to his naked stomach and chest, to see softly defined abs and pecks. He walked over to me, T-shirt in his hand, stopping in-front of me, only a few centimetres of space between us. 

I slowly brought my hand up and rested it on his chest, before ever so lightly dragging the tips of my fingers down, slowly, tantalizingly, over his chest and down his abs to the waist of his pants.

A silly smile came to my face as I felt him shiver, and see his muscles move under my touch.

All that power.

Andy's hand came up to catch mine pulling me into his warm body. "Alice?"

"Hmm." I responded lazily.

"Go inside, get ready, I'll be here at six thirty." He whispered dipping his head.

"Okay." I leaned up capturing his lips, sighing into his mouth. Wrapping my free arm around his neck. He pulled back smiling at me.

"Go." He said dropping my hand, gently pulling back my arm from around his neck.

"Yes sir." I smirked.

"Funny, I like that." A cocky smile on his handsome face.

I started to walk backwards, waving at him, before running to the back door, and up the steps. I opened the door and turned to see Andy walking backwards.

"Six thirty. Wait, how should I dress." I yelled.

 Andy's grin only got bigger. He turned around jogging to the side gate before letting himself out. I shook my head turning back around, running through hallway yelling as I went.

"Mom, I gotta date!" I squealed with joy. I slid to a stop at the kitchen entrance.

"Mmhmm, really." I nodded my head, the biggest smile in my face.

"Yeah, Andy, he's coming at six thirty. I gotta go." I dashed of towards the steps to hear mom's chuckle, I took the steps two at a time, before bolting for my room, grabbing my towel, ducking into the bathroom closing the door.

I stood in front of the mirror, my face full glowing and of happiness. It's finally happening.


Things are finally looking up for both Andy and Alice. Two chapters left. Now there was steaminess, but I am keeping this pg-13, THERE WILL HOWEVER BE SOME ONE-SHOTS, OF SEX SCENES and OF THEM IN THERE RELATIONSHIP AS IT PROGRESSES.

Comments/reviews always welcome. 


















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