The Beyond

Alex is 15 years old, and lives in a magical place called Unazara. Everyone here has a power. She does not, or so she was told. When she turns 16, a strange man comes to her in her dreams. His name was Teller, or that's what everyone called him. As she follows him, he brings her into a world of dreams called the Beyond. She was not the powerless outcast the Elders told her she was. Teller says she could be the savior of the Magic Realm...or she could be the destruction of the world. Split between who she thinks she is, and what her heart is telling her, she goes on a dangerous quest, and meets some pretty interesting people along the way, as she finds out who she really is.


1. Prologue

A long time ago - The Beyond

     Kathangar watched as his home was destroyed.  Fiery comets rained down on his beloved Dream-Scape.  The home that had once brought creatures of all races together was being torn apart by the same creatures that had once inhabited it.  A boy came up behind him.  He was young, but just as wise.

    "Teller, we must go!  We will be trapped in the dream-scapes forever if we do not leave."  The man's voice was urgent as he tried to get his master to move, but the old man stood there, non-moving, watching everything fall apart.

     "Teller!"  The boy pleaded again, "Come away from here!  The Dream-Scape will rebuild as it always does.  We must go before we are all trapped!"  Yet the man did not move.  

     "Kishamble, I am trapped here forever, I always have been.  My mind had been here for too long, and I am too old.  Go, my young student.  You have learned enough to train the next Bender.  Grow with the Dream-Scape, and never let it die again!  Go!"  Disbelief flashed in the boy's eyes.

     "Tell-"  But the man cut him off before he got his name out.

     "NOW!  GO!"  The boy looked at Kathangar with one final lingering look before he bolted out of the crumbling Dream-Scape.  Back home, to his own body, the boy's eyes flew open, and he cried for a long time.  He knew that his master did not make it out of the Dream-Scape.

     For the Dream-Scape was a mystical place, and only one that existed in a world far from the living.  It was the master of all dreams of the world.  It chose who dreamed what, and where they were sent.  Though there was those select few who were able to ask the dream-scape to do their bidding, and it would abide.  These people were called Benders, because they bended dreams.

     But the Dream-Scape was dangerous, and even Benders lost power of the Dream-Scape sometimes. The powerful lands of dreams was a good place, but it also had a brother; the Nightmare lands.  The bad dreams of the world were held there, and with it, some bad creatures prowled.

     That night, the young boy had witnessed something that only happen very rarely.  He witnessed the Nightmare lands taking over the Dream-Scape for one night, taking away all the good dreams of the world, and making them bad.  Any creature caught in the Dream-Scape would lose themselves in a world of dreams.  They would never find their way back.  Ever.

     The boy thought to himself one last thing before he fell back into the Dream-Scape; I will make sure that I find the next Bender, and I will train him harder then ever to make sure this never happens again.

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