The Beyond

Alex is 15 years old, and lives in a magical place called Unazara. Everyone here has a power. She does not, or so she was told. When she turns 16, a strange man comes to her in her dreams. His name was Teller, or that's what everyone called him. As she follows him, he brings her into a world of dreams called the Beyond. She was not the powerless outcast the Elders told her she was. Teller says she could be the savior of the Magic Realm...or she could be the destruction of the world. Split between who she thinks she is, and what her heart is telling her, she goes on a dangerous quest, and meets some pretty interesting people along the way, as she finds out who she really is.


2. Chapter 1

Current day - The Beyond

     Kishamble open his old eyes, tired from wear and age.  It had been a long time since the Nightmare land had taken over the Dream-Scapes.  That one night was over in just a matter of hours, but the Dream-Scape was left in ruins.  Kishamble had searched and searched for his old master for a long time, more than the lifetimes of what regular Magics would live.  Benders lived forever if they wanted to, preserved in any memory, they walked the lands of the Dreams forever.  Teller was gone.  And the memory still hit him like icywind.  For long years he had searched for the next Dream Bender, but there had been none.  Just as his faith was beginning to leave him, a spark of hope was lit in the Dream-Scape he currently inhabited.   

     There was a girl, her birthday was to be the next day, and she would come of age.  The best thing was, she was the most powerful Dream Bender that had ever lived.  Kishamble saw her past, present, and future in her dreams, and saw that she had been an outcast.  As had he.  

     Kishamble planned to visit her that night, the night of her sixteenth birthday.


"Too many of us are not living in our dreams, because we are living in our fears." - Les Brown

     Alex woke at the sound of her alarm clock.  Fumbling around, she turned it off and looked around.  The world of living was so much different then the Dream World.  She couldn't remember what she had dreamt about.  Something to do with comets or something like that.  Sighing, Alex fell back into bed with a groan.  Living in the a world where everyone had magic, was great, if you had magic too.  Unazara was a place where everyone had a talent, whether it was breathing under water, or flying, it was a power, and was unique to you.  Not one person had the same power.  Though two people may be able to fly, neither of them had the same way of flying.  They had different Triggers to have their powers work.

     Alex was, as she was told by the Elders, powerless.  The Elders, an elite group of individuals that kept Unazara running, were not in fact, all elders.  Many of them were in their early 20's or the youngest one, was 16.  They determined who would work where, and what job which person should have.  They debated crimes and they supported anything the High Elder said, even if it was wrong.  

     It had been 15 years since she was born, and not a day went by where she was able to walk the streets un-judged by the other Magics.  She was the only one, in the history of Unazara that had been born without powers!  Imagine that, the only one in the history.  Her parents loved her, but they were two very powerful people, and they did not have time to help her with doing things the "normal" way.  Her father had telekinesis and was even able to look inside someone's head to see their thoughts.  Her mother was a shape-changer.  She could change the shape of any object to whatever she desired.  

     Both talents were rare in Unazara, and when they had her, they had thought she would be another powerful Magic.  When they discovered from the Elders that she possessed no Magic, they did not know what to think.  How could their child not have powers?  No one in the history of Unazara didn't have powers.  

     That's what everyone thought when they saw her.

     Getting up out of bed, she dragged her feet to the bathroom where she splashed cool water on her face, waking her up instantly.  Brushing out her hair, she remembered something about what she had dreamed last night.  A man and a boy stood atop a cliff.  They both looked very sad.  It seemed as though they were talking in a very quick paced manner, like it was urgent, then the boy ran off and the dream was lost to her once again.  

     Finally, she went down to the kitchen and made herself some breakfast.  The school was about a ten minute walk from her house, so she had some time to kill.  Picking up her book bag, she walked out to the shinning sun of the morning.  A flare zipped past her head, and she only had just enough time to duck as another one zipped past close to the first.  A whoop came from behind her, and Alex turned to see Nathen, a elemental throwing flares at her from a distance.

     Shaking her head, she walked on, only to be greeted by a rain storm.  Cold water drizzled over her, and she shivered in her cloths.  Finally, she made it on school premises where Magic was not allowed on the other students.  Alex's only friend Carrie came up to her, and walked beside her.  Snapping her fingers, she conjured up some dry cloths to replace the wet ones that Alex was wearing.

     "Thanks."  Alex said relieved to be warm again.

     "No problem.  Look if their bothering you, tell a teacher."  Carrie answered.  Snorting, she replied,

     "You know that they don't care what happens to me.  I'm useless for all they care."  Pity flashed in her friends eyes as she tried to find some way to disagree with that statement.  

     "Alright, well I can always conjure up some snakes or something in their cloths if you'd like."  Smiling, Alex looked ahead to the school.  All kids of Magic came here, well every kid in Unazara came here because they were all Magic.  Alex also went there, but she couldn't do anything, which meant she failed all of her classes.  The Elders required every child to go to school until they were able to take on a job for themselves, if they got passing grades.  So far, Alex, not being able to do anything, had not even gotten a D.  

     How she wished she had Magic so that she could show those boys that she did have Magic, and that they should respect her, not pick on her.  Marching to class, she somehow got through her day with rainclouds, puddles, fire, levitation, and anything else you could think of happening to her.  Walking home, she remembered, tomorrow was her birthday!  Then she also remembered that on the kid's 16th birthday, they would be assigned a job to do with the community, and her joy fell to sadness.  

     When Alex got home, both her parents were home, which was a huge surprise, because they were never both home, and they were never both home at the same time, during working hours.  So, she knew that something was up.

     "Mom, Dad, good to see you."  Was all she stated to them before trying to bolt to her room.  A genuine wall appeared in front of her door right before she could reach the handle.

     "Not so fast, Alex."  Her mom's tone did not indicate that she could protest, so sitting down on the couch, she waited for what they had to say.

     "Your teachers have told us that you keep getting failing grades on all your assignments."  Her dad commented.  Oh really?  They said that to her parents, how wonderful.  They all knew the exact reason why she was getting failing grades, and they wanted to rub it in.  

     "Oh really?"  Alex said in a mock sarcastic tone.

     "Are you sure that's all they said.  Maybe I'm failing because I have NO MAGIC IN ME WHATSOEVER.  Or maybe it's because I CAN DO NOTHING IN SCHOOL BECAUSE I'M POWERLESS!  Or maybe they are genuinely concerned about me, and the Elders have considered different about me the last 15 years.  OR NOT!"  Both flinched at the harshness her words carried, but they did not back down.

     "Alex, you have to at least try!"  Rolling her eyes, she objected to the statement.

     "Mom, don't you think I do?  I try everything, I've tried every Trigger there is to try and unlock a power, but you know as well as I, I AM POWERLESS.  Now, tomorrow is my 16th birthday, and I'm not going to waste it feeling sorry for myself.  So will you please, let me go to my room?"  Alex hated having to ask her mom to let her go to her room when she was perfectly capable of opening a door.  Except for the fact that her mom still had a red brick wall in front of it.  He mom nodded, and the wall disappeared leaving her to her room.  

     Suddenly feeling very tired and weary, and her bed looking extremely nice, Alex plopped down, and drifted off into sleep.

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