The People Forgotten

Our world was wiped from history, but it is now that you must know our story. Our story takes place long ago when the world was young. Stay and listen to our story, open your mind, and enjoy.


1. Prologue

Your schools, history books, and elders have lied to you. There is more than one type of human being on this earth. Though they were thought long extinct, this is true.

In the beginning, there were three types of humans. The people of time, The people of Crystal, and normal people like you. The normal people were jealous of the People of Time and the People of Crystal, for while they held great powers- the normal ones had nothing even remotely close to what the others could do.

A war broke between the people of time and the people of crystal, the normal ones used this to eliminate the two races, leaving just them and scratching the other races from history.

This is the story of that war, and the people of it. So get ready for a ride back in time, to a time before you, a time forgotten. 


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