The People Forgotten

Our world was wiped from history, but it is now that you must know our story. Our story takes place long ago when the world was young. Stay and listen to our story, open your mind, and enjoy.


3. Mourning In The Morning

Often I wonder of life outside the castle walls but never do I dare leave them. Soon I will get to leave when I am married off to a lord or one of a lord's sons. I wonder what my mother would think of the kingdom today the way the towers still stand tall and the people growing stronger. Today is the day I will give the opening speech on a day we use to commemorate my mother's death and my youngest brother's life. But like humans do they focus more on the death forgetting about my brothers birth. He like the phoenix rose from the ashes of the fallen the doctor said when my mother died in labor. Which influenced his very name.

She was kind of hopeful for us all and I know she would have wanted more for us than to constantly think of her passing. But whenever the time comes around it strengthens the kingdom mentally puts them more on guard not wanting more tragedy. From my mouth, I told the story of my mother and father's chance meeting. The battles they fought alone to be able to some days tart a small island of equality in a sea of indifference. The affection she held for everyone in and out of this Kingdom. At the end, I changed my scripted lines. Adding on my youngest brother as a Phoenix of hope and change.

The crowd cheered as I walked off the stage and my eldest brother took his spot. I rushed away to my room before they could stop me. I slipped my cloak from my closet and rushed to the window to find my sister. I may not be the most observant one to ever live but I could realize when my sister was on another tangent out to get herself in trouble with the family and guard.

I hovered by the window for a moment before I realized something. The muffin I'd snuck from the kitchen this morning was no longer on my nightstand. I turned to face it and could see a trail of crumbs.

"Windar" I said looking around my room. The princess was here the entire time! "I know you're here, show yourself.

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