The People Forgotten

Our world was wiped from history, but it is now that you must know our story. Our story takes place long ago when the world was young. Stay and listen to our story, open your mind, and enjoy.


2. Kingdom Conspiracy

The wind held a cool breeze between its fingers as it passed through the town. Leaves shuddered as the wind hit, softly begging for more sunlight. Gentle murmurs could be heard through the town. Windar rushed through the market. A woman shrieked as the small wooden tables began to spin. Windar chuckled as she exited the market area rapidly. She took a bite out of the soft, warm dumpling. A rush of luxury emerged through her body.

Nobody knew who she was. Windar's velvety cloak hid her well. The golden band softly brushed against her forehead. A shining red gem was held in the middle of the band. She licked the white, sugary powder that stuck to her bottom lip. Windar's eyes flashed an ever-so brighter shade of red, for she held the Inborlar.

The cloaked princess climbed and jumped over the silver fencing, which was a few feet taller than her, at lightning speed. She leaned to the side, resting her body against the aged stone walls of her home. Windar looked through the fence, watching the kingdom militia practice their drills. She tore another chunk of the dumpling off and popped it in her mouth as she lazily corrected the troops' moves. Too fast. His arm is swinging the wrong way, opening up his side for enemies to attack. Nope, not right at all. Wrong. Incorrect. Seriously, who hired this general? Windar threw her dumpling to the ground. "MIGHT AS WELL GO OUT INTO BATTLE EMPTY HANDED IF YOU SWING LIKE THAT!" she yelled. She quickly covered her mouth and kneeled at the intersection between the castle wall and the silver fence. The ditzy general looked around- a grim look on his face. She carefully picked up the fallen dumpling and brushed it off. She took a bite out of it as she waited for the general to lose interest in the mysterious lecture from a child. She stood up and tiptoed by the stone wall, and started into a sprint once she got to the other side. She grabbed the handle of a door located behind the castle- the servant's entrance- and swung it open. 

She planted her feet into the dirt to lose momentum, dust from the ground flying in all directions, and she stood proudly in front of the door. She strutted into the kitchen and up the stairs, servants eyeing her curiously. One of them approached Windar carefully. "Princess, where have you been all this time? Everyone has been worried sick!" 

"Everyone, you say?" Windar said skeptically. The servant girl nodded. "Does that include Lindar?" 

The servant girl held up a finger and opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it, defeated. 

"Exactly what I thought."

Windar snatched a dumpling from the counter to the right that she had eyed when she walked in. She rushed over to the steps and marched up. 

She hopped over the last step to the top and ran across the Great Hall, and to another staircase- which spiraled upwards with pure gold and silver railing that intertwined. Windar softly dragged the pad of her finger across the gold of the railing as she went up. She raced to the top and burst into the corridor, swiftly turning left to enter another room, a royal bedroom-

Princess Lindar's bedroom.


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