My OC's

Just some of my OC's i decided to put on Movella.


2. Skylar and Red

Name: Skylar Alexis Pan
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Curious, Sarcastic, Funny, Weird, Quiet
Status: Neko, But doesn't like anyone knowing she is, but her mom.
Description: White hair with purple eyes, wearing black jeans and a big grey knitted sweater. With part of her hair covering her right eye
Back story: Sky only had her mother to look after her because her father left them when Sky was 5 and he found out that Sky was as he called it "Abnormal". So she never new her father and never wants to. She gets bullied most times but tries not to give them the satisfaction they want, her mother and her live in a nice house surrounded by the woods until her mother doesn't come home one night and she is forced to live alone in the house.
Extra: Loves reading, music, the woods, video games occasionally, Autumn and drawing.
Sky doesn't get scared easily.



Name: Red
Real Name: Peter
Nickname(s): The wolf

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Intelligent, controlling, funny at times, and violent with kills
Status: Gang leader
Description: Dark red hair, has a striped red shirt with a black vest, and three sliver rings on his left hand, with what looks like a diamond shaped tattoo around his neck and black nail polish with icy blue eyes and black pants.
Back story: He never really had friends expect for his brother James and his friend Oli. But he didn't mind cuz they would have lots of fun getting into trouble. When he turned 15 along with his brother: 15 and Oli: 14 He got caught one night stealing cigarettes along with his brother and Oli but they never got caught, so Red had to suffer 1 year instead of 3 for good behavior in jail while James and Oli were out free from charge. Until Red got out and started a gang called The Unknown were he and his gang robbed banks and killed hundreds of people trying to find James and Oli so he could kill him because what most people don't know is that they would always threaten him and beat him if he didn't do what they say.
Extra: Hates everyone except for his gang, right now Red has three gangs after him and as well as his so called brother and Oli. 
The most wanted gang around the world except for Tennessee and Alabama.

Gang location: Arizona, used to live in Miami, Florida.

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