My OC's

Just some of my OC's i decided to put on Movella.


5. Orlando Grey Foster

Full Name: 
Orlando Grey Foster

Grey - Orlando's middle name it's easy and short to say without saying Orlando
Lando - Also another nickname, given to him by the guys he lives with
Orrie - A name his mother gave him. He doesn't let anyone say this nickname unless it's one special person he loves




Reason of Mutation [If Mutated]: 
Not mutated

Marital Status: With who? [Crushing, Taken, In relationship, married, divorced, etc.] 

December 24, 1995


5 ft 8 inches

120.3 lbs

Italian - His father was Italian
English - Mother was both English and Italian 

Current Residence:
Beautiful big house; 15 people

Skin color: 
Light tan skin

Eye color: 
Cold; narrow brown eyes

Full Appearance:

Mask Color [If they have a mask]:


Hair Color:
Black hair

Hair Length/Style: 
Orlando doesn't really do much with his hair considering it's trimmed at the end of his ear

Clothing [What clothing do they wear, its length, and color.]:
Casual nice clothes; Occasionally suits

A necklace his mother was wearing when she died

Two lines from his shoulder blades to the middle of his back

Tail length: 
No tail

Orlando lives with 15 people; maybe less. But he cares two Glock 19 9mm with him and rarely a knife

Playing guitar

Charming, Independent, Manipulative/ quick thinking

+ Orlando likes playing the guitar when he isn't out with his gang robbing or killing people
+ He also likes taking walks in the woods to clear his mind

Rank Type [Are they the leader type? The mechanics type? Etc.]:
Orlando doesn't quit think he's leader material but the others do, saying his quick thinking and manipulative personality is leader material so they indeed look to him for guidance. 

Friends List/Relationship/Why:
+ Jaiden Foster // 18 // brother// Jaiden is Orlando's brother, although they don't hang out much Jaiden is seen as more of the loud type who always knows what his brother is feeling.
+ Armin Fisher // 17 // close friend // Armin's shy and quiet so he keeps to himself. Sometimes he talks with Delilah; saying what's on his mind and his feelings about the day.
+ Nathaniel Wolf // 19 // close friend // Nathaniel doesn't really like to hang out with the gang so he usually spends his time in his room, though he loves to talk with Delilah.
+ Jack Foster // 15 // little brother of Orlando and Jaiden // Jack and Delilah are close friends maybe even siblings.. 
+ Price Burns // 18 // loyal to Orlando // Price doesn't know much about this group that took him in but he feels like he's apart of a family
+ Gavin Brooks // 17 // saved by Jaiden // Gavin was saved by Jaiden from being killed by his father
+ Peter Noble // 20 // Orlando's best friend // Peter is almost like Orlando but not quit the ruthless type, though he does have an eye for Delilah.
+ Axl Davis // 16 // Delilah's enemy..?? // Don't know much about Axl but we do know he can be loud sometimes.
+ Lucan White // Lucan gets along with everyone // Lucan is a semi happy kid but when it comes to serious topics he's all quiet.
+ Delilah Summers // loved member // 17 // Delilah is a sarcastic yet cunning girl who catches everyone's attention even if she hates attention. Though she did catch the eye of Orlando and Peter.


Flower: Blue Bells
Season: Spring
Day Style (Rainy, Sunny, Partly Cloudy, etc.): Rainy
Song (CAN BE MADE UP): None
Food: Ramen
Place to Be: with family
Animal: Wolamute
Music Style: None
Genre: Horror
color: Black


Season: Winter
Day Style: Slightly sunny
Song: None
Food: Chicken
Place: In small places [Like jail]
Genre: History / documentaries
Music Style: None
Animal: Elephants
Flower: Anthurium

color: Yellow

Short Biography [To actually get to know your character!]:
Orlando was raised by his single mother; father leaving them both because he didn't want anything to do with them both. Then around
the time of his 15th birthday there was an accident which involved his mother being killed in front of his eyes by these two men who he is still
trying to track down. He has an irrational fear of water due to the accident with the two men; trying to drown him so they could finish the job.

Fun Facts [Anything you'd like to share about your character that I did not mention!]
+ Orlando runs a gang in secret hiding who have never been caught
+ Orlando has parasomnia which after a while won't let you sleep

+ Orlando likes animals but never shows it

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