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Just some of my OC's i decided to put on Movella.


4. Delilah [Drown]

Full Name: 
Delilah. [Drown]

Deli - Delilah's sister likes to call her Deli but Delilah doesn't love the name, always saying it sounds like a sand which place
Lilah - Slender called her that, saying it was a nickname, though no one else calls her this.




Reason of Mutation [If Mutated]: 
Not mutated

Marital Status: With who? [Crushing, Taken, In relationship, married, divorced, etc.] 

December 14, 1999


5 ft 5 inches

100 lbs


Current Residence:
Creepypasta Mansion

Skin color: 
Fair light pale skin

Eye color: 
Soft; Blue eyes

Full Appearance:
[Without the headphones and jacket]
[Imagine the front top of the chest is curved in showing slight cleavage]

Mask Color [If they have a mask]:

Hair Color:
Light grey-ish blue hair

Hair Length/Style: 
Delilah has long hair all the way to her lower back, not really styled much just letting her slightly curled hair free.

Clothing [What clothing do they wear, its length, and color.]:
A casual nice white dress; reaching to her mid thigh that is showing slight cleavage in the front.


A mark on Delilah's eye which she covers with her hair.

Tail length: 
No tail

Her voice/ looks and a gun


Smart, funny, sarcastic, captivating, independent, cold

+ Delilah likes to take walks in the woods to clear her mind.
+ She also when walking sings lightly to herself, which she does a lot.

Rank Type [Are they the leader type? The mechanics type? Etc.]:
Delilah doesn't feel like she has a rank but most would rank her in the Intelligent rank or the one who would give advice to anyone.

Friends List/Relationship/Why:
+ Sirena // 19 // sister // Sirena is an over protective sister and at times can be annoying and frustrating. But will do anything to make sure her sister never gets hurt, kinda like a Yandere.
+ Hoodie // 19 // acquaintance // Even though Delilah made a fool out of him when they met he still seems to want to hang around her.
+ Masky // 19 // Unknown // Him and Delilah don't seem to talk much after they met.
+  Toby // 18 // Friend...? // He seems to think him and Delilah are friends but can't say the same with Delilah.
+ Liu // 20 // Friends // Delilah and Liu are friends, talking occasionally and laughing at one or two jokes while telling stories.
+ Slender // Unknown // like a father...? // After Delilah died she hasn't gone near him. Acknowledging his presence once or twice but never really talking to him. Still in the range where she could start yelling about her death, and how he never helped her. Spilling secrets no one knew about her death.


Flower: Blue Bells
Season: Winter and Autumn
Day Style (Rainy, Sunny, Partly Cloudy, etc.): Cloudy/ Foggy
Song (CAN BE MADE UP): Melanie Martinez: Crazy and PVRIS: My house
Food: Ramen
Place to Be: The woods
Animal: Wolf
Music Style: Unknown...?
Genre: Unknown...?
color: Black


Season: Spring
Day Style: Slightly sunny
Song: Unknown...?
Food: Mushrooms
Place: In crowds
Genre: History / documentaries
Music Style: Country
Animal: Elephants
Flower: Anthurium

color: Pink

Short Biography [To actually get to know your character!]:

Delilah was living in the Mansion with everyone and her sister until her little brother got kidnapped by Zalgo. She went off alone, thinking it would be best if Sirena didn't get in the way to save her brother. When she got there he was almost killed. The blade of the knife that got thrown was inches away from his face, Zalgo was surprised at this thinking it was Delilah who stopped the blade from moving forward, he offered to let her brother go and that he would never be harmed IF she stayed there with Zalgo and became a servant. So she agreed as long as her brother who was 4 was never harmed. Zalgo let the boy go and returned him back in front of the mansion where he cried and cried for his sister to come back.
It had been a week since she last saw her brother and she already had cuts and bruised from being blamed for the other servants clumsiness and from her own, which would include getting locked in the basement chained in the middle of the room with her shirt ripped from the number of times Zalgo has been whipping her with whips and the spikey clubs. After a while she was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, as she told the other servants in there they should rest; with a lot of protests they decided to rest a little while after one of Zalgo's demons came in, just in time for Delilah to say get up and back to work, quickly saving there xsses from a beating. But when she heard the demons voice yelling she accidentally dropped a plate from how loud and scary he sounded. Thus, making the demon grab her by the hair, yelling and slapping her a few times before dragging her to the throne room, dropping her in front of Zalgo.
After the lecture he had given he decided that she wasn't listening since she never talked after the fourth day of being there. He decided to give her a beating she would never forget, demanding that two demons escort her out by the lake not far from here. Once they got there she just stood still until she felt like her head was under water, then she new they were going to drown her. A few 
attempts of trying to breathe for air she clawed at them and actually scratched one of the demons eye letting her up for air and screaming/begging for help, they both chuckled saying that no one could hear them out here, which honestly scared her.

Slender man's P.O.V
I watched them from a distance, trying to drown Delilah. Her screaming for help, i wanted to help her but i couldn't move an inch so i watched, painfully as they drowned her. I knew she knew that i was watching, and the thing was she didn't know that i couldn't move. It was like i stopped myself from moving and it pained me, from the moment she joined us in the mansion til now she was like a daughter to me, one that i would spent hours of talking with. I watched as they had had enough and grabbed her arms and legs tying them up so she won't thrash around, i heard no pleas, no screams only crying. Not the ones where there's a sad emotion. But a happy one she knows that no one will find her, no one will hear her, no one will see her. But i did and i never helped her. I couldn't look so i just teleported out.

They tied up her hands and feet. She knew this was the end, and that she was going to die so instead of crying because of the pain, the agony of drowning. She cried tears of joy, even though she was going to die, as they pushed her head under the water. Making her thrash lightly a few minutes later she couldn't breathe, her lungs gave up on her and she closed her eyes.
The two demons untied her and just left her there to sink to the bottom of the dark lake, her brain was still active having a last thought on her mind.
"Why'd you leave me to drown...?"

Fun Facts [Anything you'd like to share about your character that was not mentioned!]:
+ Delilah suffers from flashbacks and would often have nightmare's which would cause her not to sleep unless she had something like a stuffed animal or a person to keep her company, while sleeping.
+ Delilah lives with the Creepypasta's even though she hates all of them and Zalgo's people, having Sirena try and convince her that she would never act this way and would tell her multiple times she was her sister and she loves her would always lead to Drown [Delilah] to yell at her saying she never had a sister and that she would like it very much if she would stop bugging her and blabbering on about how much she cares and knows what she's going through. Thus, making Drown try and kill Sirena, saying she annoying and a waste of time.

+ Delilah, when she first met the proxy's after almost 2 years of being under the water; which had frozen once she died, seduced them and really made fools out of them.


I'll add a quotes section thingy for my OC.


"Why'd you leave me to drown...?"
"You left me to drown!Don't you know how painful that is?!"

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