My OC's

Just some of my OC's i decided to put on Movella.


1. Delilah and Greyson Summers

Name: Delilah Summers

Eyes: Cold, narrow silver eyes
Hair: Long, thick and untidy black hair
Other: A (light) pale skin tone
Body: Small and delicate figure/ piercing on her lip/ 5'5

Personality: Awkward and shy around strangers while a little goofy
Music genre: Acoustic music/ Fall out Boy, Falling in Reverse
Hobby: Cooking
Religion: Believes in God but doesn't like going to church/ cusses slightly

Life at home: Raised by wealthy parents, doesn't remember real parents that well.
Childhood event: Almost drowned at age 7
Fear: Fear of clowns and public speaking

Family and career:
Type of home: Nice big house; 3 stories high
Career: High school, Junior (16 years old)
Relationship: Single, takes care of 5 year old brother
Pets: Solid black smoke Maine Coon cat
(cat's name is Mashko)

Like and dislikes/What not
Likes: Books, Sweaters, Internet, Flower crowns, Music and Writing
Dislikes: Clowns (childhood fear), Hot days, Some dogs
Fashion: Casual clothes
Nickname(s): Deli, Kitten, Lilah and Darling


Name: Greyson Summers

 Light chocolate brown eyes
Hair: Short, fluffy brown hair
Other: Average (light) skin tone
Body: Average size of a 5 year old

Personality: Annoying, sweet, protective, sassy, smart
Music genre: Selena Gomez, Ellie Golding, Falling in Reverse
Hobby: Playing with my sis and watching anime with sis

Life at home:
 Adopted along with my sister
Childhood event: Found a family of spiders outside in the backyard
Fear: Spiders and snakes

Adopted father:
 Dave Clear ad
Adopted mother: Elizabeth Clear ad

(NOTE: Delilah and Greyson decided to keep their last name as Summers)

Likes and dislikes/ What not
Likes: Roly poly's, Bugging sis, Learning new things in sisters diary 
Dislikes: Not being with sister, The woods, Sour foods
Fashion: Casual clothes like his sister, but likes to add his crazy style to it
Nickname(s): Brat and Grey

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