Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


8. Chapter 8: The End :D

 I was at the chair....like always! I took out the Story-connection electricity. I stand up. Snadra was hugging me proudly! 'You save us! Our only work to do is just change the story... a little.' she said. She then stop hugging me. 'I knew you were the one!' she said. I didn't notice there was a lot of people standing surrounding us. 'Everyone...gave Christine an applause!' Sandra said. I went back to the Grimm Brothers office. 'You are very wonderful!' Jacob said. 'And very strong!' Wilhelm said. I only smile. 'Here is your reward!' Jacob said. He was giving me....a pink cookie??? I took it and I felt confused. 'A pink cookie??? That's it?' I said while saying it angriness. 'Oh I almost forgot!' Wilhelm said. He was giving me a note. 'Just eat the cookie! Eat the whole thing!' Jacob said. I eat the whole thing. It was very delicious! 'Can I have more.......' I felt kind of dizzy. I fell down on the floor and passed out.


I wake up. I think...I'm on someone's lap. I quickly sit down. I rub my eyes...and it was...NICK! 'Nick!' I scream while hugging him. 'Okay this is really awkward.' he said. I stop hugging him. 'What are you holding? A note?' He asked. A note? Oh, the note! I read it. 'It wasn't a dream....Everything you did at Fairytale Island is real. Love, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.' It was real!




The End!!!! Thank you for reading! Please give a like and put it on your favourite list! Bye!

Love, ReenChipless.

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