Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


7. Chapter 7: The Biggest War

'Christine wake up!' Sandra said. I open my eyes. I took out those weird things at my arm and stand up. 'Why are you such in a hurry?' I asked. 'Congratulations! You went so far! But just this one problem.....' Sandra stop talking. 'What is it?' I asked. 'Rapunzel is the biggest one!' she said with a worried face. 'I'm good! I don't suck at anything!' I said out loud. 'Those demons....' I didn't finish my sentence...Sandra already said 'No! There are no demons! You need to fight....The Villain ...Mother Gothel....' 'What?? I signed up for this to fight demons! Not an old witch lady!' I said. 'Mother Gothel.....is a...demon..' Sandra said. 'Wait...what?' I said weirdly. 'She's the queen of the demons....In the Rapunzel story....there's no such thing as Mother Gothel...it's only an evil old woman. I don't know how the hell she get in to the story...and change it. That's why this last mission is the hardest. You're fighting the queen of demons.' Sandra said. I sit down back to the chair while looking at the floor. 'So...this is the reason I'm the 567th Angel?' I asked. Sandra only nod her head slowly. 'Christine...I'm feel confident that you're the hero and you're the one who is going to stop this! I can feel it!' Sandra said. 'I....think....I can.....do..it.' I said nervously. 'You can! Come on...you need to rest.' Sandra said. Sandra and I went to the bedroom...I quickly went to sleep. 


The next day,

I get out from bed and started to take a bath. Like always, Then, we went to the dressing room. Sandra gave me an Armor. She also gave me a sword. 'I....don't know...I can do...it! You know what! You're right! I can do it! I will do anything for....NICK!' I said. 'That's the spirit!' Sandra said while clapping her hand. 'Come on let's go to the computer room!' Sandra said. Both of us went to the room. 'I'm ready! Put those weird things at me!' I said out loud. I sit down on the chair and Sandra put those things at my arm. 'By the way, those things at your arms are Story-connection electricity.' she said seriously. I don't care about it! All I care is about Nick! I need to save him! I press '5PS' at the remote slowly. 

I wake up. I was standing....that's the weird thing! I think...I'm in a castle. I saw a blonde girl....with long hair and wears a beautiful purple dress. Her hand was chained and her mouth closed with a cloth.There was a man to. His hair was brown and it is style with bangs. He wears a blue jacket, white T-shirt and brown pants. He hands was also chained and his mouth was closed with a cloth. It's Flynn Rider // Eugene Fitzherbert and Rapunzel! I try to let them free but I hear some one saying 'A a ah! Who are you?' She was behind me. I look at the back. There was a woman wearing a red dress and she have black curly hair. 'I'm....your MOTHER'S UNDERPANTS!!!!!!!' I said out loud. I try to punch but she stab me with a knife. I fell down to the floor.  'You silly little rat! You think you can defeat me? You're just the same with the other angles! i already do this 566 times! This maybe will be the 567th! Prepare to die!' she said. 'You witch! I hate you! No wonder the angel company wants you to die and your stupid demon company! Maybe you look good in the outside but your filthy in the inside!' I said. She stop making her evil smile. She look at me! 'You don't understand! I'm 6999 years old. I don't wanna die! That's the reason! I just keep doing wrong things and keep doing work! If don't work and just stay home! I think I'll die! I'm sorry! I still don't wanna die!' she said while crying. She wipe her tears. I felt sad about her. I stand up while taking out the knife from my stomach. 'You know what.....' I stop talking. I saw Rapunzel shooking her head. I think this is a trick! Mother Gothel is lying to me! 'You know what....I think I'm gonna kill you!' I said out loud. I draw my sword at her. 'The other angels was fall for this trick! Guess you really want to die fast!' she said while laughing. She then draw her sword.  We started to have a sword fight. She stab the sword at my chest. She then pull it out from my chest. 'I have many lives than you!' I said. 'You may have a lot of lives and I only have one live! You don't know how to defend yourself!' she said. I try to stab her but she dodges using her sword, until my sword fell to the floor. I try to take it. She then stab me from the back. She then pull it out. I need to remember...if she stab me with the sword...I will loose 5 lives! I think I only have 6 lives left! 'Is that all you got!' I said. She stab me again. I fell down to the floor. I took the knife from my neck. 'That's it! No weapons! This is not fair!' I said. I'm really bloody and aching. 'Okay!' she said. I left the sword on the floor. We then have a fight. I punch her int he face. She then punch me at the stomach. She then choke me so hard. She was choking me and pushing me to the wall. 'You're going to die you Moron!' She said with a smile. 'Not....TODAY!' I said. I pull her hair. She was screaming me and letting go f my neck. I quickly pull her to the window. It was so high! This will be a nice push! I try to push her but she punch me. I let go of her hair. 'I'm not going to easily die like that!' she said. I kick her in the stomach. She then screams out loud. She was walking backwards to the window. She then tripped and fell down out of the window! She then fall to her death. I went back to Rapunzel. I took the sword and chop off the chains. I also do the same thing at Eugene. They the take off the cloth at their mouth. Both of them hug. Rapunzel smile at me and said 'Thank you, angel!' she said. I only smile at her. I took the remote and press '5PS'.

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