Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


6. Chapter 6: To break the princess curse

 'Christine King. Wake up.' I hear someone said. I wasn't at the chair...I think I'm on a bed. 

I open my eyes and saw Sandra. 'Thank God! You're alive!' she said. I stand up. 'No..no..no, no,no! Sit down.' Sandra said quickly. I sit down on the bed. 'What happened?'I asked. 'You've been sleeping for 3 days! Did demon shoot you...or whatever.' She asked. 'it shoot me but the bullet feel kind of sharp.' I said. 'Those demons! I hate them! We...really want them to die!!' Sandra said. 'Keep it calm. I' alive right now. So come on let's go!!' I said. She gave me a singlet and a white skirt. She also gave me sneakers that have heels on it! Crazy!!!!!!! She also gave me a spraying can that has toxic in it! She also gave me a tomahawk.


We went to the computer room, she put me those tickling and weird things at my arm, and I press '5PS' at the remote. I was at a castle, lying down on the floor. I quickly stand up. There was a king and a queen sitting at their royal chair....and a baby sleeping at it's cradle.The king said 'My daughter will marry my, dearly friend's son, Prince Philip.' Everyone at the castle was clapping. Suddenly, three fairies came. One in green, another one in red and the puffy one in blue. They look very nice. They look kind of old but their smile never get old. The fairy in red went near to the baby or I'll say...Princess Aurora. The fairy said 'Beautiful princess, I should give you the gift of beautiness.' Sparklely things came out from the wand. The baby was laughing cutely. The next fairy,  that was in green. 'Princess, I should give you , a wonderful voice.' she said. Sparkling things came out from the wand. The princesses laughs was getting beautiful. The last fairy, that was in blue said 'Princess, I should give you.....' she didn't even finish her sentence...a weird witch came out of nowhere. The king scream 'Maleficent!' 'Well, well, King Stefan...you didn't tell me you have a party.' Maleficent said. 'i'll never Invite you! You witch!' scream Queen Leah. 'Shut up!!!!' Maleficent scream while pushing the queen from the chair using her cane. 'Stefan! You didn't even invite me. You have to pay the price...Guess I'll be giving a gift to your precious daughter. Maleficent come near to Aurora. 'Princess....hope you like this gift.' she said. She spin her hands around a globe at the cane...where there was a picture of Aurora when she was an Adult. Maleficent said 'At the sunset of her sixteenth birthday, she would prick her finger on a spindle and.....DIE!!!!!!!' 'Guards!!!' King Stefan scream. Maleficent laughed and disappear out of nowhere. 'Your majesty...I didn't gave the princess a gift!' the blue fairy said. 'Break  the curse!!' King Stefan said. 'No...we can't we are good fairies. We can't do things like that or kill anyone. I can change the curse.' The blue fairy said. 'Do it! i don't want our first daughter dies....we have been waited for this like a long time.' Queen Leah said. The blue fairy only nod her head. She went to the princess and said 'Lovely princess, at your 16th birthday, a true love kiss will break the curse of Maleficent.' she said. Sparkling things came out from the wand. The princess started to smile.


The celebration was over, everyone went back to their houses. The King and the fairies are having a meeting while the queen was taking care of Aurora. I follow the king. 'You fairies...need to take away my daughter somewhere safe and Maleficent will find you all. Get it?' the king said fiercely. 'Yes, your majesty.' three of them said. The fairies went to the Queen and took the princess. They disguise as a normal human being and build a small house, they take care of the princess properly.

16 years later, aurora and I always play together...and now she's already 16 right now..so we don't play that much anymore. Today was her 16th birthday, the fairies was going to make a surprise birthday for her. So they ask Aurora to go outside and search for berries?? Weird!!!!!


We both walk together. Suddenly there was a lot of animals follow her. She was holding a basket. In her basket, there was also a knife. She was going to kill them...and demons came. The demon was holding a syringe. the demon stab the syringe at my chest. I kick it and it fell down on the floor. I took my tomahawk and try to chop it's head off. It stand up and punch me in the face. I quickly try to chop it's head off but it dodges it. It punches me again. I was so mad. I can't stand it anymore! I chop it's head quickly. I went back to Aurora and said 'They are friendly and innocent animals!' She put her knife back in the basket and said 'I'm so sorry.' to me. She continue walking and search for berries. Suddenly there was a handsome prince was smiling at Aurora. 'Aunt Flora said I can't talk to strangers!'Princess Aurora said out loud while taking out the knife. A demon came, like always. It was holding a...shears. What the hell??? I quickly run. The demon was laughing out loud while chasing me. It stab me with the shears. It really hurts. Stupid demon! I quickly spray it with the toxic...spraying can thingy. It was screaming like an idiot. I went back to Aurora and said 'it's just a man..try talk to him.' I said. 'I'm sorry, I went wild with no reason! Sorry.' she said to the prince. 'You know you look familiar....' he said. 'No...i'm not! We never met! This is the first time I saw you.' she said. 'Do you like to dance?' he asked. 'I do!' she said. Aurora let go of her basket and started to dance with him. It's so romantic. I only look at them smiling. I look at the house. There was sparkling things came out from the chimney. Oh no! Did they use magic?? There was a blackbird or a crow at the chimney. i don't know what....Wait! Isn't that Diaval! Maleficent's crow! 'Briar! Briar! We need to go now! ' I scream. 'I'm sorry, Mister. I need to go home!' she said. 'I don't know your name yet!' he said. Briar quickly took the basket and  said 'Tomorrow we'll meet... at my house.' Both of us went to home quickly. 'Why are you in a rush?' she said. 'There's no time to explain!' I scream. We went to the house and Briar was surprised  when she saw a blue beautiful dress and big cake with 16 candles on it. 'Oh my goodness! Is this for me!' she scream happily. 'This is the best gift ever! But the bestest gift is....I found my true love!' she said while dancing and spinning happily. The fairies are not smiling anymore. 'Wait. What?' Fauna said. 'You need to marry Prince Philip, my dear!' Marryweather accidently said. 'Who is Prince Philip?' Aurora said. 'Listen, honey.' Flora said. All of them turn into fairies. Aurora was shocked. 'We are not your Aunties. Your mother and father is not dead yet...and you are a princess. You also need to marry a prince...not with your true love...I'm sorry. I also tell you not to speak with strangers!!!!!!' Flora said. 'No!!! I'm going to marry with my true love! No matter what!!!!' she said. She took out her knife and try to stab them. A demon came. It was holding some ninja...throwing stars. It throw one of the throwing stars at me. I scream painfully. It try to throw more throwing stars at me but I dodge it. I went to the demon and choke it. I stab him with my high heeled sneakers. The demon died. I went to Aurora and said 'You don't need to kill them....you need to accept it.' I said. Aurora throw the knife at the floor and went to her room...she was crying out loud. I feel sad about her. 'Aurora...we can't expect that our wishes are going to become true.' I said. Aurora pull a curtain at a window. She was going to choke herself. A lot of demon came, one of them shoot me with a rifle! Twice! I loose a lot of lives!!! I chop it's head of with a tomahawk! More demon came! I spray them with the toxic spraying can. More demon came. I stab all of them with high heeled sneakers. I went back to Aurora and said 'You have a lot of things to do in your life. Don't do that! You still can see your mother and father.' Aurora stop holding the curtain. She quickly cry. I felt kind of said.

We went to the castle. Aurora accidently prick her finger at a spindle. The prince try to save her. They kissed and you know what?? The prince is the man that she saw at the forest. It's destiny! They live happily ever after...The End. I press '5PS' at the remote and went back to Fairytale Island.

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