Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


5. Chapter 5: To tame the Beast

 'Sandra?' I said. 'Stand up. We're going to have dinner.' she said. I stand up and follow her. We went to a room. She opens the door and there were a lot of people. Sandra said 'Ladies and gentlemen meet our 567th angel, Christine King. She already passes 2 stories, only 3 stories to go. She was very wonderful doing her work. She only has 49 lives left out of 61 lives. Everyone, please support her.' Everyone was clapping their hands. I only smile. I sit down and it some chicken, fish and whatsoever! The food was so delicious. 

Sandra said 'Christine we have to go...now.' she said. We went to the dressing room or weapons room...like always. She gave me a white t-shirt that has a picture of angel wings. I wear it. It's really awesome on me.

http://www.rebelcircus.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/900x1350/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/w/o/women_s-lacey-angel-wing-off-the-shoulder-t-shirt---white.jpg ( to see T-shirt)

She then gave me a white tight skirt.

http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/1971095399_1/Sexy-bodycon-skirt-Summer-knitting-HL-women-elegant-White-Red-Gray-Bandage-skirt-Tight-skirts-2014.jpg (to see skirt)

'This a bazooka.' she said while giving the bazooka at me. She then gave me a belt that was full with balloons. 'Those are fire balloons. If you throw the balloons at a demon then demon will be on fire.' she said. She then gave me gloves. I wear it. My hand felt kind of cold. 'Why is it cold?' I asked. 'Those are freezing gloves. If you snap your finger, Ice will come out from your fingers and you'll freeze the demon.' she said. Both of us went to the computer room. 'Just don't let Belle kill anyone.' she said. I sit down at the chair (that I usually sit.) She put weird thingies at my arms. I took the remote and press  '5PS'



I was on a grass. I can feel someone shaking my shoulder. 'Hello? Miss?' someone said. I stand up. It was Belle. 'Are you a girl from the future...because you don't dress like the 1700s?' she asked. 'No, I'm not from the future. I'm your angel.' I explain. 'What some drink?' she asked. 'No, I can't touch objects here.' I said. 'Oh!' she said. 'Wanna come to my house?' she asked. 'Sure.' I said. We both went to the house. 

Me: There're a lot of mechanic thingies here. 

Belle: I know right! My daddy really loves to do mechanic things like this

Someone knocked at the door. Belle opens the door. It was a muscular guy, he wears a red shirt, black pants and had his hair styled in a ponytail. 'Gaston?' Belle said. 'Belle, will you be my girl?' he asked. 'Of course no! I don't like you! And I don't want to be with you! So deal with it!' she screams. 'Why you don't want to be with me?' Gaston asked. 'My daddy doesn't like you...so I don't like you too!' Belle said. 'Your father...' he stops talking because  someone screams 'Gaston! stay away from my daughter!!!!!'It was an old man or I'll say Belle's dad. Belle's dad went into the house and said 'My daughter is not supposed to be with an arrogant man like you!!!!!' her father scream. Gaston pushes her father until he fell to the ground. There was a cleaver at the table Belle took it and tries to kill Gaston. A demon came and said 'Kill that crappy man!' it said. I attack that thing. It was holding a blade. It nicks me with it! I punch it in the face!! I took his blade and stab that crap at his stomach! I went back to Belle and said 'Just don't kill that man...okay.' Belle said 'Just stay away from me!!' to Gaston. She closes the door. 'Daddy...' belle said....softly. .Belle helps his father to stand up. 'I want to go upstairs okay.' her father said. Belle and I went to the bookshop. 'Mr.Roman...do you have my favourite book 'Jack and the beanstalk'?' Belle asked. 'We don't have it anymore!' the man said. 'Why?' she asked. 'We don't have it, means we don't have it!!!' he screams,

Belle: I am just asking nicely!

The man: Get lost! Before I kick you out from here. 

Belle saw a very thick book. She took it and tried to throw it at the man. A demon came and said 'Throw that book at..' it didn't even finish his word. I already choke him. It was holding a "BAYONET" knife. It stabs me with it. I scream out loud. I kick him a bunch of times until it screams out loud and fell down on the floor. I throw a lot of fire balloons at it. It then dies. I went back to Belle and said 'We have to go.' Belle throws that book to the floor. She took another book and went off. We went to a fountain. There were a lot of swans in the fountain. They were...dancing? I don't know what to say. 'I don't want to live anymore! I hate my life!' she suddenly said. She stands up and almost went into the fountain. Because I saw a demon....again. It shoots me with a gun. But I quickly stand up. And snap my fingers. Ice came out from the gloves. The demon was frozen to death. We both went home and Belle's father was gone. We search everywhere. Then, we found him in a castle. A castle...where a furious beast lives. The beast wouldn't let her father go. Belle then tries to kill the beast. And I don't know  why...a demon came? Is it a bad thing to kill the beast? Whatever...I quietly kick him from the back. The demon has sharp toenails. It stabs me with that horrible thing. I shoot him with the bazooka. More demons came. I punch it. It then kicks my leg and I fell down. I shoot it with the bazooka. The other demons...I throw the fire balloons. More demons came...I snap my finger bunch of times...there were ices came out from the glove and froze the demons. I went to Belle and said, 'Just don't kill the demon! Just do whatever he wants you to do.' I said. The beast asks her to live at the castle, she agrees with it. The beast then let her father. After  a bunch of days past, both of them are fallen in love with each other. Until, one day, Gaston came to kill the beast. Gaston wish really came true...but he then falls to his death. Belle cried a bunch of time while hugging the beast. Suddenly, Belle's teardrops fell to the beat's chest. The beast transformed into a human and live happily ever after with Belle. The End.

I took out the remote and press '5PS'.


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