Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


4. Chapter 4: To make the princess kiss the frog.

 'Oh, God.' I said. Sandra was taking off the weird things at my arms. 'Sandra..I'm so tired...can I rest?' I asked softly. 'You can....congratulations...you finish your 1st mission. Follow me.' Sandra said. I follow her to a place. It's like...a bedroom. There was a bad and a table. The room was cold and it's a really nice place to sleep. I lay down on the bed...happily. There was also a yellow blanket and the pillow is so comfortable! I took the yellow blanket and cover it on my body. I started to close my eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning,

'Miss King...wake up.' Sandra said while shaking my shoulder. I open my eyes. I get out from the bed. 'Let's go to the dressing room.' said Sandra. She picks me a white dress.

http://fashionfuz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Trends-elegant-white-casual-dresses.jpg (to see dress)

She also gave me White high heels.

http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/u6tl9q-l-610x610-shoes-white+high+heels-white+pumps-pumps-white-jeffrey+campbell-darling.jpg ( to see high heels)

'This is not an ordinary high heel...If you stomp your foot at the ground and electric shock will come out from the floor and you can kill the Demon....easily.' said Sandra. I wear the high heels and try to stomp my foot at the ground, but Sandra said 'Don't try to do it now! You will attack me.' I only make a fake smile at her. And this your other weapon. She gave me...a sniper that have a rope so I can wear it at my shoulder. 'Is this a sniper with bullets...that so lame!' I said to her. 'No! It has sharp things in it. If you shoot a demon it will die in 1 second...we have a Bullet Sniper...but it'll be a long time for the demon to die.' Sandra explain. Then she gave me a Katana Blade. I took the blade from her. 'That's an Air Katana Blade. If you only draw the katana blade at a demon...the Demon will be pushed away...and die because the air is so strong. If you stab this katana at a demon...there wouldn't be no blood...I know it sounds weird__' Sandra said. 'No! It's cool!' I said while putting the katana at my belt. 'Come on, you have job to do.' Sandra said. We went back to the computer room. 'Sit down. Remember if one demon stabs you with a knife...you'll lose 2 lives.' Sandra said. I sit down while saying 'What?!??!?!' I scream. 'We have no much time. Come on..we have to hurry.' said Sandra. Suddenly, she punches me...and I fainted.

I woke up on a chair. I stand up. I was in a small home. 'Hi, I'm Tiana.' suddenly a negro woman said to me. 'Christine.' I said while putting my right hand at my breast. 'I'm your angel.' I continue saying. 'Wow...I have an angel...Can I introduce you to my family?' she asked. 'No, just don't! Your family will say you're crazy.' I said. 'Why? she asked while continuing sweeping the floor. 'Because they can't see me.' I said. 'You know, I don't even believe that you're my angel.' Tiana said angrily. 'You don't believe me???'I asked. I quickly stomp my foot at the floor. I cut the table in half. 'Okay...you're right...You're an angel. Why do you want to help me?' she asked. 'I'm going to make your wish come true. You wanna marry Prince Naveen? Don't you?' I asked. 'I like him. He's a good man...but it's not logic that I'm going to marry him. But it would be wonderful. You know my life is messed up because of my....you know what I'm talking about...' she said while tears coming out from her eyes. 'Oh...your father's__' I didn't finish my sentence....she already scream 'Just don't talk about it!!!' 'Why, I mean how can your father die?' I asked bravely. 'My dad was killed by his own best friend! His best friend is in jail...but I'm not satisfied...yet. I want to kill that man!' Tiana said out loud. Suddenly, her mother went downstairs. She felt shocked when she heard Tiana scream. 'Honey...its been 7 years your father died..it's in the past! We need to move on! The police also already punish the man.' Her mother  said. 'You don't need to tell me what to do!' scream Tiana. She open her drawer and take out a knife. Suddenly a demon came. 'Throw that crap at your annoying mother!' the demon said to Tiana. Everything froze when the demon attacks me. It put a weird thing in my mouth...until I can't breathe. But I lived. I punch it. I accidently puke. That demon just put a grenade at my mouth! I take the grenade that was on the floor and throw the grenade at the demon. The demon died. I went back to Tiana and said 'You don't need to kill your mother. Without your mother..you're not alive, or maybe you do not even exist!!!' I said. She stops making a mad face. She put the knife back at the table. 'I'm sorry, mom.' she said while hugging her. 'I miss dad too, honey.' her mom said. They stop hugging...Tiana went to her room...I follow her. She was crying. 'Christine...you don't understand....I just lose someone that I love so much.' she said. I really understand what she feels...it's just about Nick.I almost lose him, but I really worried about him. I also do this mission for him.  

'I wanna go to sleep...goodnight Christine.' she said. I sleep at the floor.

About an hour later,

I heard someone open the door...maybe it's just her mother. I went back to sleep. I woke up and Tiana is not at her bed. I search for her everywhere in the house. I went outside...I saw her going to the police station. I follow her. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'None of your business!!!' she screams. She went into the police station. She draws a knife at a guy that was in a jail. 'Tiana?' he said. 'Shut up!' she screams. I saw a demon saying 'Kill that dirty the old man!!!' I attack the demon. I punch it. It then punches my back. The demon was holding a sword. It then stabs me with it. 'Aaah hh hh' I scream. I kick him. he fell down. I stomp my foot on the ground. The demon was electric shock. So...it dies. I went back to Tiana. 'revenge is not a good thing.' I said. Tiana put the knife back in her pocket. Both of us went back home. 'I don't know what's wrong with me today.' she said to me. 'Maybe you're not in a good mood.' I said. We both went upstairs. Both of us went to sleep.

The next day,

Tiana and I went to her restaurant where she works. I was sitting at a place that no one is sitting. Tiana was a very work hard  woman. She was carrying three trays. One on her head, one on her right hand and one on her left hand. Suddenly, her boss was really mad at her. Tiana can't stand it...she was taking a knife from her pocket. A demon came and said 'You don't need your boss kill him!' I  kick that demon. I was going to shoot it, but he dodges it. It was holding a lot of knives. It throws all of the knives but I dodge it and I continue shooting it. One of the knives stabs my stomach. I fell down on the floor. I took out the knife from my stomach. The demon was looking at me laughing while looking up. I quickly shoot it a bunch of times. The demon dies. I went to Tiana and said 'Are you out of your mind? That is your boss! he is the one that pay you, he is the one that gave you to work here.' I said. 'I'm sorry.' Tiana said. 'Tiana you're fired!!!!' her boss push her out from the restaurant. 'Idiot!' I scream. 'I...lost my job.' she said. 'I'm sorry, Tiana. Maybe...you should work somewhere else.' I said. 'I don't want to work at a restaurant! I wanna have a restaurant!' she said. 'You have a restaurant?' I asked. 'I do. Wanna look at it?' she said. I nodded my head. Both of us went to the place. It was s huge, but it's not finished yet. 'wow! How much is this?' I asked. 'Almost 100,000 $' she said. 'Oh my god. Do you afford to buy it?' I asked. 'I only have 2,000 $ in my money bank.' she said. 'Come on, let's go home.' she said. We went home. Tiana's mother asked 'Why are you not at work?' 'I'm fired.' she said. 'What??!?!' her mother scream. 'I don't want to talk about it...okay.' she said. Both of us went upstairs. We went to her room. 'It's not nice of you for saying like that to your mother.' I said. 'I don't know what's wrong with me. First...I almost kill my mother, then, I almost kill the guy that kill my dad and I almost kill my own boss!' she said. 'It's okay dear.' someone said. 'It's not okay, Christine!' she said. 'I didn't say anything.' I said. She look back and said 'Then who....FROG!!??!?!??!?!' she screams. There was a frog on the floor. 'I'm Prince Naveen.' the frog said. 'Lying talking frog!' she screams. She took out her knife. A demon came. I was going to attack it, but it attack me first. It shoots me in the chest. I pretend that I died. The demon was clapping its hand....guess it's happy then. I stand up and draw the katana blade. The demon was pushed away and it dies. More demon came. I draw the sword again at the demon. It also pushed away and dies. I stomp my foot at the floor. The demons die. More demons came. I shoot them with the Sniper. All of them die. More demon came. One demon came to me and punches me. I kick his face.It tries to punch me, but I dodge it by using my elbow. I punch his stomach and I stab it with the katana blade. The other demons. I shoot them with the sniper. All of them are dead. I went back to Tiana. 'It is Prince Naveen.' I said. 'Really?' she asked. 'Miss...can you kiss me? There was this man turn me into a frog.' Prince Naveen said. 'Are you sure?' she said. 'Just kiss him.' I said. Both of them kiss. The frog turn into a handsome prince, and they live happily ever after....The End. I took out the remote and press '5PS'.

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