Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


3. Chapter 3: To turn the Glass Slipper clean

'Oh My God...MY NECK!!!' I scream. I was on a dusty floor...I think I'm in an attic. I quickly stand up. Cinderella was looking at me smiling. 'Who are you?' She asked. 'I'm your angel.' I said while walking to her bed. She was still lying down on her bed with her birds. The window was open so it felt cold in the room. 'Angel? Do other people have Angels? Can they see you?' she asked. 'No they don't. You're the only one.' I said while smiling. 'Do you want to hear me sing?' She asked. 'Sure' I said. 

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you will lose your heartache
Whatever you wish for you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

https://youtu.be/KhTjnzlcIeI (To sing song)

'You really love to sing do you?' I asked. 'I do. Gus gus, Jaq. Here, have some cheese.' she said. The mice came to her. Suddenly my necklace was making a noise. A demon came beside Cinderella. I quickly attack him. Cinderella froze and the mice too. I kick him. But she stab a knife at my stomach. Glad..I have 50 lives. It then choke me. I can't breathe. I never fight anyone before...so it's too hard. I almost forgot about the Ring-Death! I punch it using my right hand where the RIng-Death was. It suddenly turn to dust. I went back to Cinderella. 'Cinderella...stop!!' I scream. 'She stops. 'What's going on?? Oh my god! I'm so sorry Gus Gus, Jaq...the cheese is already passed it's expired date...so sorry.' Cinderella said. She stand up and walk to a dustbin. She throw the cheese in there. I did it! I stop Cinderella for giving the mice poisonous cheese!! Hooray! I love myself. 'I'm going to take a bath first.' she said to me. 'Okay' I said.

When she was taking a bath, I stand up and went to the window. There was a really big clock. It was 12.00 a clock...Suddenly the clock ring it's bell. F'TAANG...F'TAANG...F'TAANG. 'It's so noisy.' Jaq said. They can talk??? Oh my god, stupid me, they can talk! I watch Cinderella like 638746 times! What's wrong with me today. 'Cinderella was wearing a maid dress and an apron...just like the movie! 'Come on...follow me.' she said. We both went out from the room and went down stairs. I felt kind of sad...Cinderella is the only one that can see me. I felt...underrated.

'Can you help me?' she asked. 'I can't touch any objects here.' I said. 'Ooo' she said. She only continue sweeping the floor. She then wipe the floor using a towel. Suddenly, Lucifer came. The cat went to the shovel that was full with dust. The cat put her feet on the dust. It's just the same thing that I watch before...I was here. Lucifer then walk everywhere and the floor was full with cat foot prints. Cinderella saw the cat foot prints. She scream 'You stupid little gross thing!!!!' 

My necklace started to make noises. A demon came and said to Cinderella 'Drown that freaking cat in that bucket!' Cinderella quickly took the cat and tried to drown it. I choke the Demon. 'You fool! You think you can defeat me???' the Demon scream at me. Cinderella...like always ...frozen. The Demon shot me using a pistol. It hurts but I'm still alive. It then push me to the floor...I shot him using me Laser bracelet. I shot him bunch of times until...it dies.

I went back to Cinderella. 'Cinderella, it's just a cat. It doesn't understand what it's doing.' I said to her. She put the cat back to the floor. 'I'm sorry...angel woman.' she said. 'I'm Christine, for your information.' I said. 'Oh...Hi, Christine.' Cinderella said. Cinderella continue wiping the floor. 'My life is so complicated. Since my father died...my life is upside down...I wish some guy or man...will love me, especially the prince. But it's impossible if the prince love me, the prince doesn't even know me!!!' she said to me. 'You know Cinderella, love isn't impossible. What if the prince throw a ball? I felt confident that the prince will fell in love with you. You're kind, beautiful and kind hearted. What kind of man doesn't want a girl like you?' I said. 'It doesn't matter...the prince wouldn't throw a ball...even though he isn't married yet.' Cinderella said sadly. Suddenly the door was knocked. Both of us went to the door. Cinderella open the door. 'Are you Lady Tremaine?' The man asked. The man is in blue, wears old school glasses, very big mustache and wear a weird hat. 'No, I'm her step...I mean her maid.' Cinderella said. 'That's one pretty maid.' the man said to his other friend. 'This from the palace.' he said while giving a letter to Cinderella. 'Thank you' Cinderella said. 'Bye, weirdo.' I said. 'Christine!!' Cinderella scream. 'Madam, who are you talking to?' the man asked. 'Me! You idiot! HAHAHA!!!!' I said. 'Nothing sir.' Cinderella said. She quickly close the door. 'Christine...don't talk to me, when someone is talking to me, okay??' She said. 'Sorry. Come on, let's go to your Stepmother's room.' I said. Both of us went to her room. Cinderella stop at the front door. 'I think she's in the singing room.' she said. 'Singing room? Your stepsisters can sing????' I sing. 'They can't and that's why they are practicing.' she said. She went to the room. She open the door. I hear someone singing. So annoying!!! I went in and it was Drizella, while her mother is playing the piano and Anastasia playing the flute.

Oh, sing sweet nightingale
Sing sweet nightingale
High above me
Oh, sing sweet nightingale
Sing sweet nightingale
High above
Oh, sing sweet nightingale
Sing sweet nightingale, high
Oh, sing sweet nightingale

I went beside Drizella and said 'Damn, your voice is making my eardrums explode.' Glad she can't see me, but the problem is she kept spitting at my face. She really don't know how to sing. 'Stepmother...' Cinderella calls her. Lady Tremaine stop playing the piano. 'Cinderella don't ever disturb us when we were practice singing!!!' scream Lady Tremaine. 'I'm so sorry but there was a guy came at the door and send this letter.' Cinderella said. Lady Tremaine take the letter roughly. 

Lady Tremaine: There will be a ball!

Anastasia: Where?

Lady Tremaine: At the palace

Drizella & Anastasia: At the palace? 

Lady Tremaine: Every eligible maiden in this kingdom is to attend!!!

Anastasia: I'm an eligible maiden.

Me: No, you're not! (while flying in the air)

Cinderella: Can I go??

Lady Tremaine: NO you can't! There are more chores you didn't finish yet!!!!!

Drizella: Mother (whisper weird things)

Lady Tremaine: You can get ready to the ball....if you have a dress.

Cinderella: Okay, Thank you.

Me: Is this a trick? I really have an eye on you Tremaine!!!

Cinderella and I went out from the room!! 'Christine!!! I can't believe stepmother let me go to the ball.' Cinderella said excitedly. 'Don't you think that it's a trick.' I said. 'Of course it's not a trick! Bye Christine, I need to do some chores.' she said. she then went away. I went to her room. Suddenly,I saw a lot of mice on the floor. 'Oh hi Christine.' Jaq said to me. Wait they can see me?? Oh, they're animals. 'What are you guys doing?' I asked.'We want to make a dress for Cinderelly, but we don't know what kind of dress.' Gus Gus said. 'I think pink is awesome.' I said. 'That's it! We can make a pink dress!' one of the female mouse said. The birds open a book, it's full with dress photos. The bird show a pink dress. The dress was soooooooo beautiful. 'That will look beautiful on Cinderella. Let's get started!' Jaq said. They started to cut cloth, some ribbons and sewing while singing:

We can do it, we can do it
We can help our Cinderelly
We can make her dress so pretty
There's nothing to it, really
We'll tie a sash around it
Put a ribbon through it
When dancing at the ball
She'll be more beautiful than all
In the lovely dress we'll make for Cinderelly

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry
Gonna help our Cinderelly
Got no time to dilly-dally
We gotta get a-going'

I'll cut with these scissors!

And I can do the sewing!

[Girl Mouse:]
Leave the sewing to the women
You go get some trimming'
And we'll make a lovely dress for

[Girl mice and Gus:]
We'll make a lovely dress for

https://youtu.be/ZOe6Nsf-KGA (to sing song)

The dress was finally done. It was very beautiful. They are really good in sewing.

http://fashionor.org/products/big/29/-Beautiful-Ball-Gown-Sweetheart-neck-Floor-length-Tulle-Rose-pink-Quinceanera-Dresses-Style-FA-W-204-930.jpg (To see dress)

3 hours later,

Cinderella went to the room and scream happily. 'Oh, Dear. This is so beautiful. Christine, how thought of you for telling the mice to make a pink dress for me!' She said. 'How can you know?' I asked weirdly. 'Because I think you're the one that gave the mice the idea. Thank you!!!" she scream. She then wore the dress, put her hair on a ponytail.

'She then look at the window. 'How wonderful it is to be with a prince.' she said dramatically. 'Cinderella, come on...let's go downstairs. Your stepfamily is downstairs.' I said. Both of us went downstairs. 'Mother! Can you tell Cinderella a secret?' suddenly Anastasia said. Cinderella felt weird. 'We never let you to go to the ball!' Lady Tremaine said. 'What the hell? You mean old woman!!' I said. Cinderella said 'What? You said I can go.' 'I said get ready not go!! So girls...rip her disgusting dress!!!' stepmother scream. Anastasia and Drizella rip her dress. 'Girls, girls stop. That's enough.' Lady Tremaine said. The three of them went out from the house. Cinderella ran to a garden. There was a fountain. She sit down at the fountain while crying. 'Cinderella..' I said. 'What's my fault? I didn't do anything wrong! What's my fault! tell me now, Christine. Suddenly sparkling thingy came. It was an old woman, she was in blue! It's fairy godmother. 'Who are you?' Cinderella said. 'I'm your Fairy Godmother, Why are you crying, dear?' The Fairy Godmother asked. 'I want to go to the ball but my family won't let me.' Cinderella said. 'Oh my god dear, your dress. Let me help you. BIBIDI-BABADI-BOO!' said the fairy godmother. She turns her dress into a gorgeous blue gown.

http://1stpromdress.com/products/big/171/20111213021111.jpg (to see blue dress)

She also turns the pumpkin to a carriage, the canines turn into coachmen and the mice into horses, she also style her hair in  a Laced Fishtail Bun. Suddenly a demon came. 'Take that wand and turn her into a statue.' the demon said. Cinderella took the wand. I quickly attack the demon. The demon chokes me using a rope. I can't breathe at all. I quickly punch him and his dead!! I went back to Cinderella and said 'Give back the wand to the fairy godmother.' 'Oh, I'm sorry, I really didn't know what happened.' Cinderella said. Cinderella gives the wand back to the fairy godmother. 'Remember dear, when the clock strikes twelve, you need to leave the castle.' said the fairy godmother. Cinderella only nodded her head. Cinderella and I went into the carriage.

We arrived at the ball. The prince was staring at Cinderella like a bunch of time. The prince went to her. 'Hello.' he said. 'Your Majesty.' Cinderella said while bowing down. 'Wanna dance?' the prince asked. 'Sure.' Cinderella said. Both of them started holding hands and started to dance. The rest of the people started to dance. There was  also a woman...singing at a stage with a microphone her singing is horrible! I quickly went to the stage. I push her away from the microphone. I said 'It's ballad time!' Suddenly the music started to become low. I sing:

So this is love, hmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine

I'm all aglow, hmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine

My heart has wings, hmm
And I can fly
I'll touch every star in the sky
So this is the miracle
That I've been dreaming of

Hmm, hmm
So this is love


https://youtu.be/0C-pbKVuS70 (to sing song)

They dance happily. Suddenly the prince ask her to go to a place. I stop singing and follow them. I change to my real clothes back and no one can see me now, except Cinderella. They were sitting at a fountain. They were almost going to kiss. Suddenly a demon came. It was going to tell something to Cinderella...but he's too late. I push it to the fountain. It has a sharp tail so it stab me with his stupid tail. It really hurts but I manage to live. It then pushes me out from the fountain. Then...more Demons came. I shoot them with my laser bracelet. They all are dead but more came out! One of it try to kick me!  But I quickly choke it and drowned them in the fountain. And it dies. One of it was really mad at me. 'Bring it on red alien thingy creature!' I scream. It punches me...so hard. At first, I smile then I made a backflip on him. It lay down on the floor with a hurting face. 'Does it hurt? Let me help you!' I scream. I pull his foot to a tree. I put it back on the floor. I pull his ear and knock his head on the tree. It also dies. And there is only one Demon left...it was going to attack me, but I finish it with only one high kick! I went back to Cinderella and said 'Kiss him...you don't need to be shy.' She almost kiss him but the clock strikes twelve. She just ran off. I follow her. 'Wait!!! Madam...I don't even know your name.' the prince said while chasing her.Cinderella accidently tripped at the stairs and left her shoe behind. I went to the carriage with her. The carriage was going so fast!

We were almost to arrived at her home but the carriage turns into a pumpkin, the coachmen turn into canines and the horses turns into mice. Both of us only ran as fast as we can. But we're too tired! Cinderella and I went flying home. Thnks to the cape we arrived faster than the stepfamily.

The next morning, 

The prince came to search for some maiden that can fit the shoe. Anastasia and Drizella was running so fast to go downstairs. Cinderella only walks to go to downstairs. Anastasia tried first. 'It's too tight!' the prince said. The prince then let Drizella tries the shoe. 'It's too loose!' The prince then lets Cinderella try the shoe. 'It fits perfectly!!!' the prince scream. 'That's impossible!' Lady Tremaine said. 'I did dance with the prince last night.'Cinderella confess quickly. The prince and Cinderella kissed. They both lived happily ever after the end!!!

I took out the remote from my pocket and pressed '5PS'. And I was back at the Fairytale Island. I was sitting on a chair with weird things at my arms. 'Christine?' asked Sandra






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