Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


2. Chapter 2: Fairytale Island

  'Where am I???' I said. I was lying down on a ground. I stand up. Everything was beautiful. There were butterflies and kids playing tag. Suddenly, a guy that us wearing sunglasses. 'I'm Oliver' he said while showing his card at me. 'Angel Company??' I said. 'What the hell is that???' I asked him. Come on follow me. He walks to a ....I don't know. A car?? A plane?? Car-plane or....Plain-car! I don't know. 'This is my flying car. Come on, get in.' Oliver said. I open the car or I'll say flying car door and sit down. The chair is comfy. The car is big in the inside but small in the outside.'Are you ready??' he asked. 'For...WHAT!??!?!?!?' I scream because the flying car was flying so fast.

After then, we stop at a place. It was a big or enormous building. it was white in colour. It must be have 39 or 40 floors. Because it sooo tall!!! There was a lot of windows. I almost can see everyone in the building.

We went in to the place. It doesn't have any elevators. It have...slides???? 'How are we going to go up???' I asked. Oliver said 'Just use the slides.' 'I thought slides are used to go down...not go up.' I said. 'Just stop asking, just put your butt on the green slide.' he said with angriness. I sit down on the green slide. Beside my left arm, there are buttons. 'Which floor are we going?' I asked that furious Oliver. '27th floor.' he said. I press the button '27'. Suddenly the slide is going up...so fast. I nearly can't breathe. I was screaming like an idiot. Suddenly, It stops because I'm already at the 27 floor. 'Hello, Christine.' a woman with blonde hair that put her hair in a bun came to me. She help me to stand up. My red wavy long hair was out of control. It looks like the 80s hairstyle!!

'Welcome, to Angel Company. Okay, follow to the Grimm Brothers office.' she said. Wait??!??! The Grimm Brothers are alive???!?!?! No..I'm dreaming. Let me pinch myself. 'Ouchh!!' I scream. This is not a dream. Oh my god. I was talking to myself a bunch of time, I didn't even notice that we already arrived at the office. The woman open the door. 'Herr Wilhelm Grimm, Herr Jacob Grimm, This is the girl that you're looking for.' the woman said. 'Okay let her in.' one of them said. I'm not sure is it Wilhelm or Jacob. 'Christine??' The woman suddenly said. 'Oh, yes! I'm sorry.' I said nervously. I went in to the office. I felt shocked. The Grimm brothers look like they are 30 years old!

'Christine, have a seat.' one of them said while showing his thumb at the chair. I pull the chair to the back and sit down. 'Can I ask something? Where am I?' I asked. They don't even have a chance to say anything. 'Okay let us  introduce ourselves first, i'm Wilhelm, and this is my brother Jacob. And you're at Fairytale Island.' Wilhelm said. 'Fairytale Island?? I'm in...A STORY BOOK????' I said while rolling my eyes. 'This is impossible, am I in a dream??' I asked. 'No this is reality..and there's something we need to confess. Jacob??' Wilhelm said while pushing his elbow at his brother's arm. 'Yes...We..we...make. This is too hard to say.' Jacob said while scratching his head. 'Just tell me.' I said. "We're the one who make your boyfriend into a coma.' Jacob said. I stand up from my chair and scream 'What??!!?' 'Why do you do that!!!!!' I scream. 'It's a rule. If someone says that Fairytale Island is fake. We will take something they love, and we will take that someone here to do a mission like being a worker for 3 years, if they do that for the thing that they love, If they don't care...they can eat this Seafoam Muffin and go back to earth. So, which one do you pick??' said Wilhelm. 'Give me the Seafoam Muffin.' I said. Jacob gave it to me. I almost going to eat it but Wilhelm said 'Don't you love Nick??' I throw that muffin to the floor. 'I...do. But what if I fail??' I asked. 'You're going to stuck in Fairytale Island..forever.' Jacob said. Which one i have to pick go to earth and let Nick die or do the mission and save Nick, but what if I fail? I don't know. 'Okay.....I'll do the mission.' I said. 'Yes!!!' both of them scream while high-fiving. 'So, what's my mission??' I asked. 'Leave it to Sandra.' Wilhelm said while pointing at the blonde haired woman again. 'Follow me, Christine. She was showing me a room. The room has a dark blue door and a pink doorknob. She twist the doorknob open. The room was full of wire thingies and computers, You know..nerd things! 'She went to a computer and it was a  Cinderella Movie the cartoon, one. I just watch the movie. Cinderella was sweeping the floor. The floor was really dusty. Then, she wipe the floor. Suddenly Lucifer (her stepmother's cat) came. The cat put his feet at the shovel that is full with dust. Then the cat walk at the floor with dusty feet. There was a lot cat footprints on the floor. Suddenly cinderella scream 'You little stupid gross thing!!!' Cinderella was wiping the floor with a towel and there was also a bucket full with soap and water. She carry the cat to the bucket and...drowned it?!?!?


'Wait!!! Sandra I've saw the movie and wasn't violence like this!!! Is this the truth behind the stories??' I asked. 'No, in this company. We have an enemy..I mean another company name Demon Company. You know this Fairytale Stories like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast  are not made by Disney. We only give to Disney to send the movie to earth. It was made by the Angel Company. But the problem is right now...the Demon Company just made the movie gone wrong. There are settings in the computer to make the movie permanent and not changed at all...but there was this reckless guy, he did the duty incomplete. So...the Demon Company change the story. The Demon Company and the Angel Company have a war a long time ago...one of the company can do stories and movies. And the Angel Company won and the Demon Company only become an engineering only. And now we need to change the story back to they way it was. We can't do the nerd things or whatever it is because the Demon Company put some virus or something and we can't do it. The only way is to get in to the movie and change the story...like avoiding Cinderella kill her sister or whatever. So do you volunteer to become The Angel of this mission.' she explain. 'Maybe that's why those Fairytale movies are not in Disney Channel anymore...now I get it. Sure, I'll do it. But can Cinderella see me??' I asked. 'Yes she can but she can't see Demons.' Sandra said. 'Why Demons???' I asked. 'Angel have 61 lives while a Demon have one live so, the Demon Company send a lot of Demons to fight you. Why do this thing a bunch of time but fail. I hope you can do this mission successfully. I believe in you. You are the 567th Angel.' Sandra said. 'Wow! How many stories that were changed by the Demon Company?' I asked. '5 stories only. Cinderella, The Princess and the frog, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.' She says. 'I love Rapunzel so much....how about the other movies???' I asked. 'The other movies are fine. You don't need to worry about it. Because the are more people in this place do the permanent story settings.' 

'Okay, enough chit-chatting let start to work. You know all the movies that were change by The Demon Company ended with Happy Ending.' Sandra said while pulling out her chair that was under the table. 'Really?? Why don't you just kill those Demons.' I said. 'We can't, in Fairytale Island there is no such thing as killing! Okay, let's get to work.' Sandra said. She was typing weird things at her computer. Then she stops, she look at me and says 'The Changed Cinderella story was like this....Cinderella kill her mice by giving them poisonous cheese. She then you know drown Lucifer her stepmother's cat in a bucket of water and soap. She wanted to go to the ball but her family didn't let her. she cries and a fairy godmother came. She become beautiful and she took the fairy godmother's wand and turn her into a statue. She went to the ball..not because she love the prince, she wanted his heart. She have a heart collection of his ex-man or some random guy. When arrived at the ball, she dance with the prince and almost kiss him. Suddenly the clock stroke twelve...she stab the prince with a knife at his left breast where his heart was. She stab again and again until there's a hole. she saw the heart. She took it out and kept it in her gloves. she quickly ran away from the palace. Her step family was already home and felt mad at her for being away from the house. The stepsisters punch her and kick her. She then scream her bird friends to help her. The birds quickly attack her stepsisters. Her stepsisters then die. It was only her stepmother left...she took her frying pan from the dining table and hit her stepmother's head with a frying pan. The ending is Cinderella took out her glove from her hand take the prince's heart and eat it.'  

'It sounds awful...you know if you gave Disney this kind of movie...maybe it'll be 18+ or R or NC17.' I said. 'Whatever...first we need to pick your shirt...we need to cut your red hair, I'm sorry.' she said. 'What?' I said.


'I hate you!' I said. She cut my long wavy hair and make my hair straight and put my hair on a pony tail. We were at the dressing room, every shirt, every dress all of it! Are white. It so boring. 'Okay can you wear white  this white dress 

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=149243362 ( if you want to look at the dress)

'This is too tight...' I said. 'How about you wear this peplum whit top with your white pants'

http://img.shein.com/images/sheinside.com/201207/1343632489356100313.jpg (if you want to look at the peplum top)

'This is perfect. But I think it's incomplete how about I put on that white jacket.' i said while pointing at the jacket. Sandra gave me the jacket.

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/418IKSr8-0L._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_.jpg (The Jacket Image adress)

'Perfect!!! You're a good stylist, Sandra. I think this style will be perfect with my white boots.' I said while I am posing at the mirror. 'Okay you need weapons! This is your cape for you to fly .' Sandra said while giving the cape at me. 

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31%2Bez72hloL._SY300_.jpg (Cape Image adress ) 

I wear the cape. It look awe some at me. 'This is a laser bracelet.' she says. The bracelet button laser is a heart shape and the bracelet also look like chains.

http://applesofgold.com/Merchant2/jewelry/gold-bracelets/498-184C.jpg (bracelet Image adress) 

'And this the Ring-Death. If you punch the Demons while there's a ring at your middle I guarantee the Demon will die.' 'Wow!' I said, I wear the ring at my right hand middle finger. 'the last one is a sense necklace. It will make noises if the come near to the princesses.' Sandra says. I wear the necklace. 

'So, Christine, let's go back to the room.' Sandra says. Both of us went back to the room. Sandra ask me to sit down. Then she put some weird wires all over my arm. Then she give me remote that almost look like a phone. 'Press 5PS to go to the Cinderella world...if you're finish also press the same thing. The other four princesses also just the same words and number.

'So...Christine King...are you ready??' Sandra asked me. 'I am'  I replied. I press '5PS' on the remote, suddenly I passed out. I felt so dizzy. 

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