Fairytale Island (COMPLETE!!!)


This story is PG-13.


1. Chapter 1: An Unexpected Death

 'Christine, wake up, it's a school day!' mom scream. I really want to continue sleeping. Mom already took my blanket from me. It means " Wake up before, I throw the blanket into the dumpster" 'Okay, mom, I already wake up!' I SAID WHILE GETTING OUT FROM BED. I quickly take a bath, have breakfast and went to school. I get out from mom's car and go to class. I saw my boyfriend, Nick Dale at his locker. 'Hi babe' I said. 'Hi, christie. How's your weekend?' he asked. 'I went to a zoo and a museum with my family.' I said. Nick chuckled and said 'Boring!!!' 'Hey! You just really hate those kind of things.' I said. 'Whatever, see you at recess' he said. 'bye babe' I said. Okay, today....is health class?? Ugh, boring. 

At recess,

I sit beside at the canteen with my best friend, Perrie. Nick and his best friend, Gary. 'Do you brought my book today?' Perrie asked me. 'What book?' I asked. 'My Fairytale Island book' She said. 'Ooops, I forgot to carry it into my bag. I was in a rush today. I said while fake-smiling. 'Fine, tomorrow is the last day.' Perrie said with a mad face.

When school ended,

I read my 'Misery by Stephen King' book while listening to One Direction with my beats by Dr. Dre. I was going to walk at the road, I see no car so, I walk at the road while reading my book. Suddenly, I heard someone screaming. I ignored it, it was nothing. Suddenly, I saw a car almost getting near me but Nick push me to the sidewalk and he got hit by the car. I took out my beats by Dr, Dre and went to him. He was bleeding a lot. I cry a lot of tears. 'Don't you worry about me, my life ends here.' he said. I hold his hand and kiss it. He closed his eyes . 'No!!!!' I scream. I didn't even notice a lot of people standing surround us. 'Let's take him to the hospital.' someone said. 'He's dead! Don't you get it?' I said. That someone went to him and put his index finger under Nick's nose. 'He's breathing' he said. 'He's in a coma.' he said. 'Please, help me carry this boy to my car.' he said. Every boy that was standing in my surrounding help him. I still can't forgive myself. Isn't a coma...half-dead???

My family and me went to the hospital. We went to his room. He was lying down on the bed. His forehead is full with bandages. His neck is broken. His left foot is broken. This is sup post to happen to me. I deserve it. I'm the one who is reckless. 'I'm sorry Mr.Dale, Mrs.Dale, I'm very sorry. This is all my fault' I said. 'Every human in the world make mistakes and reckless. I'm reckless, Nick is also reckless. Nick...just sacrifice your life. You need to be grateful that you still have a 2nd chance to change your life. It's okay Christine. We forgive you. Thank god, he's just in a coma.' Mr. Dales said and motivate too. 'Eddie, Casey, we like to stay longer but we have something to do at home.' mom said suddenly. 'You can go Karlie.' Mr.Dale said. 'Christine!!!!' mom scream. I was staring at Nick non-stop. I followed mom and dad to the door.

In the car,

Mom: Why??? Christine King?? Why?? Why do you do this to me?? I thought you and Nick are just fine!!! Joshua!!!

Dad: What's my fault, Karlie?

Mom: She read a book and wear her stupid beats by Dr.Dre while crossing the road!!! I felt glad the family didn't sue me!!!

Me: All you care is your freaking money!!! GREEDY WOMAN!!

Mom: Don't you dare talk to me like that!!! I'm sup post to mad at you not you at mad at me!!!

Me: How am I not mad if you change my good mood to bad???!!

Mom: No more screaming Christine King!!!!

Me: Shut UP!!! You're so annoying!!!!

Mom: You don't...

Dad: Can you both Cut it out!!!!

Mom: Fine

When we arrived at home,

I quickly went to my room.  I crash to my bed. I took my pillow and cover it on my face. I cried. Fine!! It's all my fault. I'm reckless. I'm the one who's sup post to die. No one needs me. I'm a useless thing. Suddenly, someone opens the door.

Mom: Christine....I'm

Me: Just leave me alone, okay!

Mom went out from my room. I get up from my bed. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After I brush my teeth, I saw the Fairytale Island book on my study table. I went to my study table. I took the book and throw it to the floor. " You useless thing!!! HAPPILY EVER AFTER IS NOT REAL!!!! Suddenly the thick beautiful book turn into brown and old. THE book also open by itself. It was glowing. I went to it. Suddenly a hand came out from the book. It was choking me and pulling me to get into the book. Then, I don't know what happened


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