Wherever you are

I woke up on the floor in an empty attic not knowing where i was, then the memories from last night flashed through my mind.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up on the floor in an empty attic not knowing where i was, then the memories from last night flashed through my mind.

The last thing i remember i fell asleep on Luke's lap. I got up off the ground. I looked around, then i walked downstairs to an unfamiliar house. i walked out of the house. i grabbed my phone out of my back pocket and saw a thousand texts from Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton asking where i was, then Luke texted again asking where i was. i opened my messages and texted him back "i have no idea where i am"

I walked around then saw a starbucks, i walked into it

I walked up to the girl taking the orders, "hi what can i get for you today?" she asked "Oh i'll just have a coffee" i said "oh you have an accent, where you from?" she asked " i'm from Australia, where am i?" i asked "your in california, you seem lost" she said, i nodded "ok, my shift is almost over after i get off i'll show you around" she said "Ok, by the way i'm Sky" I said "i'm Mia" she said, She handed me my coffee and i went and sat down at a table, i grabbed my phone and called Luke, he answered "Luke I have no idea how i got here" i said "where are you?" he asked "I'm in California" i said "What!?!?" he asked, Mia came and sat down waiting for me to get off the phone "Luke i got to go, hopefully we'll see each other soon" i said "bye" he said, i hung up. "Are you ready to go on a tour" Mia asked "yeah" i said. i got up and grabbed my coffee and followed Mia out the door.


A/N ok Sky is Calum's sister if you didn't know, and Luke's girlfriend. I was originally gonna make Sky find herself in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada but i didn't so yea. If your liking it so far hit that like and favourite button. I will update again soon

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