Sanctuary 3758 (Working Name)

A brilliant city glowing and traveling among the stars alone. The Galaxy is a dangerous place for such a city and its inhabitants. Among the residents of the fair city is a young, ambitious girl striving to see what beauties the universe has to offer. However she might find that not all it has to show will be as beautiful as she expects. Somethings are terrifying, evil, and ancient. Why else would there only be one sanctuary for her?

Writers note: Only been a year and I have a chapter and a 1/5th of one, I'm so productive.


2. Pair Of Eyes (Unfinished)

She felt a cool breeze, carrying the scent of the diverse set of herbs below. A mixture of fresh roses, cinnamon, and strawberries along with many others to produce a blissful aroma. "To think they try to limit access here," she said to herself "This is one of the best spots in Valonera." She was laying upon one of the many glass hexagons that comprised the dome of the gardens. Around her were the residential towers, shining even brighter than normal. In front of her, through the protective shield, was an icy blue planet with two magnificent rings crossing one another creating an elongated X wrapped around the planet. It was one of three planets in the binary-star system they were stationed in. One of the planets had an atmosphere composed mostly of sulfur and methane giving it an orange gleam with yellow veins branching along the planet's sky. The orange planet rotated around the first star, an ancient red dwarf. Both of them complimenting one another.  The last planet was just a molten iron core of a long burnt away gas giant, rotating very close to the second much larger blue gas giant. The poor little core rotating ever inwards, ultimately destined to collide into the star, destroying what little remained.

She remembered that at one time The Council named the planets in every system the stationed in. However they now considered it too insignificant and a hassle to continue the practice. Instead they used, what she thought dull, a classification system using a series of numbers followed by a letter. Each pair with their own little meanings. "Just like them to take away what little amount of enjoyment we get," she remarked as she heard a buzzing in her ear. "Report immediately to central hanger 2," chimed the operator before waiting for her response. "On my way," the ear peice clicked off "Lets go see what they have for us." She stood up allowing allowing for a better view of herself.

She was wearing a loose grey jacket over an a full body one piece suit. On the back was the emblem of a flying bird stretching it's wings reaching from one end of her shoulder to the other. The bird, whose name was long forgotten, was a one more fit for peace rather than combat in her opinion. On the sides of her suit were blue lines going from her ankles, to the edge of her hands, and to her neck. The neck piece itself was about twice as thick as the rest of her suit, with indents into it's side. The girl herself appeared to be around 17 but was far more knowledgeable than others her age. Her hair reached about half way down her back being a dark almond brown. Her fringe on the right side of her head was leaned slightly to half cover her bright green eyes. At the ends of her hair they curled slightly giving them a sharp claw like appearance. On her wrist was a thin, industrial steel plate engraved on it was "Kelova Barkeno: Class 5."

She made her way towards the maintence hatch, only disquishable by a dull iron handle attatched to the plate. As Kelova opened the hatch she jumped down unto the tiny pathway below. Precariously she made her way down to the bottom of the gardens. From where Kelova stood she could see down into the dome's heart. The various crops were seperated upon hexagons at different levels with streams of water flowing to corners, seperating into different branches making the plateform appear as a gigantic leaf. As the stream reached the corners of the hexagon it then flowed off onto another plateform again thus splitting into six more hexagons. The entire system requiring little from man as the pests that once stole his crops did not accompany him  when he left Earth. The entire design was more like the work of artists rather than a group of engineers.

Kelova stood for a few moments to take in the familar sight before moving further downward. She slowly moved down to the top layer of gardens trying not to be seen, after all she wasn't suppose to be here.

She made way towards the side passage she had came and slowly moved to the main lifts. Taking a route through some of the maintance areas to avoid anyone. As she walked through the last door onto the main pathway she saw Damien.

He looked up at her "Back so soon?" he asked in an only slightly confused tone.

"I've gotten orders to report to second hangar."

Damien nodded his head, "Better get down there quickly, you're already on thin ice as it is."

Unlike Kelova, Damien once served as one of the City's designated guards. He was widely regarded as one of the best pilots but after a scouting mission he lost his right arm and his left leg. Once back home he was able to get prosthetics only eight months later. Three others weren't so lucky, their broken ships now forever floating amoungst the stars forever. At least forever in the sense  they were stripped of parts by scavengers. Now in his mid thirties he manned his post and when off he was a frequent visitor to the gardens. It was but a matter of time before he caught Kelova on her stargazes. After subsequent begging and a few favors he became tolerant of the adventurous teenager.

After hearing his comment Kelova swiftly made way towards the lifts. As she ran she once more looked at the gardens before focusing upon the task at hand.

The lift was made of cold steel and iron, but it was a familiar cold. She'd been up and down these elevators for the last 4 years performing training, scouting and combat maneuvers just outside the City's protective shielding.  All of which came from the Admirals, them as interesting as the fleet they commanded.

The senior Admiral was named Alton Pharum, he was about a 35 year old man who ascended to his position less than 5 years ago after the death of Admiral Yelton. Pharum was hand picked by Yelton as he laid on his death bed dying of old age. Pharum had been his executive officer on board the Flag Ship Gaaron. The New Admiral had served on the ship for 15 years prior and worked closely with the Old Admiral.

The second Admiral was appointed soon after Admiral Pharum. It was the City Council which had determined the fleet needed more than one voice to be heard on the war front. Yaleo Kaleco was the obvious choice for the Council as it was she who played a pivotal role during Yelton's service as an admiral and was one of the most active captains on the front lines of the war. Although she is as young as Admiral Pharum she falls just short of him at 34 years, with 7 years at the helm of a star ship.

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