Sanctuary 3758 (Working Name)

A brilliant city glowing and traveling among the stars alone. The Galaxy is a dangerous place for such a city and its inhabitants. Among the residents of the fair city is a young, ambitious girl striving to see what beauties the universe has to offer. However she might find that not all it has to show will be as beautiful as she expects. Somethings are terrifying, evil, and ancient. Why else would there only be one sanctuary for her?

Writers note: Only been a year and I have a chapter and a 1/5th of one, I'm so productive.


1. Another Day...

The City was beautiful from afar, a beacon of light shining in the darkness. Hundreds of black cubes marked the industrial district, factories pumping out materials for the City. Just to the north was one of nine residential towers. Hundreds of thousands of occupants living their daily routine inside. The towers them self surrounded a large central dome, inside was contained layers and layers of farming facilities. The dome acting similar to The Hanging Gardens of the ancient world but on an even grander scale. Thousands of plants being cultivated for use as both food and medicine.

Then you step back even further and you see an even larger picture. The districts all resided atop of a giant upside down mountain of steel, creating The City to appear as an island in the vastness of space with a giant ring of steel around the outside. The ring itself split a giant shield orange, generated by twenty pillars jutting out of the top and bottom the ring. The upside down mountain itself was the home of The City Military. Several pillars of industrial steel jutted out from the sides at odd angles making it appear as if it were a porcupine that had extended it quills to protect itself. Several large engines jutted out from behind the mountain giving it a blue aura once they were ignited.

A large hanger door opened just under the the point where the mountain and steel circle met. As it opened it revealed a large new battle cruiser brandishing a few hundred different turrets, and three of its own hangers. Along the port side were the words "Alteron C5 C-297" indicating its name, class, alliance and ship number. The Alteron soon cleared the hanger's doors meeting up with six other ships in class formation. The Alteron assumed the most forward position. Then the small fleet of ships powered up their warp engines jumping into warp leaving The City alone with three other battle cruisers. From one of the levels of the nearest residental tower stood a young girl who had watch the small fleet leave behind The City. She kept standing there for several minutes before a women came and lead her away from the scene, and back inside.

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