♡ Between Braids and Kisses ♡

Taemin; hormone-driven teenager, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a maid wiping his behind, is madly in love with this certain person, being the complete opposite of himself - Kai, the leader of one of the town's most infamous gangs.


1. Prologue

Lee Taemin, the beautiful, shy, but spoiled, kid of the Lee resident, had to walk by some pretty nasty, dark streets on his way home from school, every day. Gangs were hanging out in the alleyways or the backyards of the grey, graffiti-painted houses. Taemin would sometimes hear some people yell at him, because he always wore his flawless, clean, blue school uniform on his way home, covering almost every bit of his perfect white skin. 

Don't get me wrong, he didn't really mind walking past the gangs' hangout on his way home. He hated the yelling, and bad nicknames he got though.

But there was one thing, that he hated more than anything else...

Even though a lot of those gangster guys were yelling at him, trying to make him cry (which sometimes would work)...

He didn't get the attention from the guy that he wanted. 


That's right. Lee Taemin, had a small crush on the handsome gang leader, Kai. As Taemin walked by his hangout place, the leader would just ignore him completely, while smoking something Taemin didn't want to know what was, but it smelled like spruce. 


Why did Taemin like this brat?

Well... God knows why.

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