♡ Between Braids and Kisses ♡

Taemin; hormone-driven teenager, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a maid wiping his behind, is madly in love with this certain person, being the complete opposite of himself - Kai, the leader of one of the town's most infamous gangs.


2. All About You

Taemin took a deep breath as he walked out of the school gates on his way to freedom, after just another boring day at school with all the usual people and bullies to bug him. He had to walk out of the back entrance of the school, because he was pretty sure that the bullies were waiting for him at the main entrance. And oh how was he right.

Yeah, his life sucked He couldn’t go one day without people yelling stuff after him, calling him things he didn’t even like thinking about, but let’s just say, that everyone at the school knew that he was gay. Being gay and shy, isn’t a good combination, because Taemin never dared to protest, he was always scared of being beaten by the stronger guys – again. So he just accepted their insulting words, and only cried in secret, only at home.

His mom would always worry about him when he got home with new bruises, maybe even with his own bloodstains on his school uniform. His dad, on the other hand, didn’t care much about him, since he found out about his sexuality. He barely looked at him when the three of them ate dinner together. He never said goodbye to him, when Taemin left for school. It was like a family that was about to part.

Taemin’s parents didn’t really accept that their son liked guys, they just hoped that their son some day would fall for a girl.

Like that was gonna happen.

Taemin crossed the corner of the school fence, and could already then see the usual path that he had to take to get home. He had to pass the street where gangs usually hung out. Where there were drug dealers in the alleyways, trying to talk him into buying some, or maybe even try a little bit for free.

He couldn’t wait to get his driver’s license, and then he wouldn’t have to listen to all those damn gangs, drug dealers and fights, they were all even worse than his schoolmates, even though they had never beaten him up.

Oh, and Taemin hated the smell of hash. It was everywhere. It smelled like spruce.

Taemin bit his lower lip, as he was now walking on the sidewalk to one of the larger, grey apartments, which looked like it could crumble every second. There was cracks meters up the walls of the building, which were covered well with all the colorful graffiti, which he admitted that he sometimes liked, but it depended on how it looked, of course. If it was those, boring, simple letters, only painted with black and white paint just to show that ‘I was here’ or something, he disliked it. But if it was those beautiful, big paintings of all kinds of things, he loved it.

He especially liked those big graffiti paintings of wolves, they were everywhere in this neighborhood.

Paintings of big, grey or black wolves, that howled at the shining full moon, with the beautiful, deep night sky as the background, with hundreds of stars on it, and maybe a few dark clouds here and there. They were usually painted on the naked walls of the tall apartment buildings.

It could really impress him, he loved that kind of art.

“Hey! What are you doing here?!” Taemin suddenly gasped, as he saw a few guys, a bit older than him, yelling at him a few meters away, coming closer. They were wearing black and white clothes, baggy pants and tank tops or hoodies, and with bandanas around their heads.

He already knew who they were, and he didn’t want any trouble with them.

Their hands were holding a few spraying cans in all kinds of colors, and Taemin quickly turned away from the beautiful graffiti painting, and kept walking, walking past them and continued on his way home.

“That’s right! Keep walking!” they yelled again, and Taemin just bit his lower lip harder this time. He could still hear them laugh far behind him. He hated those people, every single one of them. But he didn’t wanna cry, not again. Last time he cried in front of those people, they just started laughing louder, and he was pretty sure that it was the reason why they always bugged him now.

They wanted to make him cry, they tried to make him cry.

“I’ll show them… When they’re rotting in jail in a few years, I’ll be on the top of the world,” he mumbled for himself, referring to the big company that his father owned.

“Yo, Kai!”

Those two words were the only words Taemin needed to freeze completely. He hesitated before he turned his head to look at the direction of the words. It was the usual place, in the backyard of the apartment building with the graffiti.

There were about fifteen guys, and a few girls, all in black and white outfits – mostly black, with the same bandanas as the guys who were yelling at Taemin a few minutes ago.

“Do you have the goods?” the deep voice, that made Taemin’s heart flutter, asked his gang member. Taemin’s eyes traveled from the gang member to Kai, who was sitting on top of a few crates, with a skinny girl, with not much clothes on, by his side. Kai was a beautiful guy, when he didn’t have a cigarette or such between his plump lips. His skin was slightly tanned, which just made him even sexier in Taemin’s eyes, especially the fact, that even though Kai was thin, he wasn’t skinny – his arms had a hint of muscles, and Taemin was pretty sure that so did his stomach. He really wanted so find out, so badly. Kai’s hair was dark, almost black, styled in cornrows and long, fake braids, which Taemin didn’t know whether he liked or not.

Oh God, why did he have to like Kai, of all people?!

“Hey! Didn’t we tell you to fuck off, fag?!” the guys from earlier suddenly yelled, and Taemin gained all the attention from the rest of the gang – but Kai. As usual. He really was ignoring Taemin, wasn’t he? Just sitting there on his crated, probably pretty high from all the hash.

“Am I really that ugly that he won’t even look at me…?” Taemin thought for himself all of a sudden. He felt a pair of cold, angry eyes on him, and couldn’t help but notice the girl by Kai’s side was sending glares at her. Had she seen Taemin’s glares towards Kai? She grabbed Kai’s arm and held it close to her, as if she wanted Taemin to know that Kai belonged to her… But Taemin couldn’t really help but get wide eyes, as Kai yanked his arm violently away from the girl, hissing at her as if she was mad.

Still not looking at Taemin though.

Taemin turned his head and saw the guys, who was chasing him, only a few meter away, and he started running.

That was just a typical afternoon in Lee Taemin’s life.




“Annyeong honey, what do you want for dinner?” his mom asked as he got home, to safety, he was still panting slightly from the running. He tried to calm his breath as he looked at his mom with a small smile, as if nothing was wrong.

“I-I don’t know umma… What does appa want?” he asked carefully and his mom sighed quietly at her son’s attempt to behave as if his dad still cared for him.

“Appa is eating out today, he has a business meeting, and won’t be home before tomorrow,” Taemin’s mom explained to him. Taemin lost his small, fake smile as his heart suddenly fell a bit to the ground. When his mom said it like that, he was pretty sure that his dad just wanted to be away from his failure of a son.

Such a stupid, pathetic, gay son he was – and even in love with the worst son-in-law ever. If he ever got Kai, Taemin was pretty sure he wouldn’t leave a big impression on his parents, especially not if he smelled like that disgusting hash again.

“You can invite Key over if you want,” his mom said with that motherly smile of hers. Taemin just gave a small nod before he turned around and walked towards the stairs that led to his room.

“Y-Yeah…” he mumbled

“Uh, honey? How was school today?” he heard his mom ask just as he was about to take the first step up the stairs, with his back against her.

“Y-You know… School is school,” he said, looking back at his mom, who wasn’t smiling anymore. Taemin felt as if he just got stabbed in the heart for seeing his mom with such a sad expression on her face. He turned to her and carefully scratched his neck.

“Mom… I was thinking about something…” he spoke.

“Yes, honey?” His mom tilted her head slightly to the side, looking at her beloved son. Beloved, gay son.

“Well… Can’t I get home tutoring again? Please? I-I don’t believe that I learn much at school, and it’s really boring there…” Taemin really tried to find other arguments, but the only ones he could come up with, was; “Oh, and I’m being bullied because I’m a fag”. But he couldn’t tell his mom that, even though she already had a feeling about it.

“Honey, you know what your dad thinks about it,” she sighed and stroked Taemin’s beautiful, black hair. He just looked away from her, not even pouting as he used to do when he didn’t get what he wanted.

“I know, I know… Because I have been tutored by good looking men and boring women I’ve become gay. That’s what he told me,” Taemin said and turned around on his heel, heading for his room upstairs, “It’s a fucking stupid excuse…” he added before disappearing out of his mom’s eyesight and into his room.

“I can invite Key, huh?” Taemin mumbled in an annoyed voice, laughing a bit, “Sure, why not invite the gayest of my friends – my only friend – for dinner?” he sighed and sat down on his king sized, incredibly soft, bed, which stood in the middle of his huge room. He was spoiled, yes, but it was mostly his mom who spoiled him.

She gave him money and stuff, and called it love.

His dad, on the other hand, might give him something just to occupy him so he didn’t have to see his son’s gay face. Taemin knew this.

He was fine with it. Completely and utterly fine with it! Or that was what he tried to tell himself, while he secretly wished, that he never told his dad about his sexuality.

Taemin heard a beep from his phone, and quickly decided to check who it was from. He raised an eyebrow, when he saw the text.


“Soooo… What’s on the menu?

- XOXO Keyumma”


Taemin literally facepalmed, apparently his mom had already invited Kibum over for dinner. If only he could be less embarrassing this time, it would be great. Taemin didn’t want to think about what happened last time, nope.


“I’ll tell her to make kimchi pancakes if you promise not to mention Kai…

- NotXOXO’ing Taebaby”



- XOXO Keyumma”


Shisus, as if Key was gonna keep that promise anyway, Taemin knew him too well, but it was too late – he was already invited.

So Taemin looked at the clock, which showed that there was still two hours before dinner was ready.

“Oh well… Might as well just read something,” he mumbled to himself as he found the first book from his bookshelf and started reading – Kai not leaving his mind for one second. 

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