Is Damon the one? Or will Jasesmine leave him behind for the new kid?


1. Meeting Him

a/n : hello hi and welcome to my new obsession, i recently started watching tvd on netflix and im almost done with season six so i thought why not write a fanfic, im not sure how appropriate this is going to be, but ill try to keep it clean i guess, hopefully you'll enjoy this 


Damon's POV-

God damn it, I didn't want to go to school but being 150 ish years old I guess I need to brush up on my school work or whatever. I look over at my alarm clock and once I realize I'm late I decide I'll try again tomorrow. 

Jasemine's POV- 

Ugh another Monday morning, this is my first week of high school after moving four thousand miles, its been alright so far, I made new friends and they're super amazing. I miss Indiana though.. Alaska is nothing like it. Rumor has it that there's a new boy coming here soon,hopefully he's cute. 




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