My parents, my brother, my sister... All dead. Why? Because of me.


11. Very funny


 Emily's  POV:

"Hahaha, very funny" I laughed. 

"I'm being serious" he said.

"No I don't want to go with you" I don't get why he wouldn't go to my pack with me. 

Bitch please! Who do you think you are?! 

Your mate! Don't ever call me a bitch either. Oh and you have to come with me cause I can't leave my pack without a Luna now can I?

"Shut up! Get out of my room!!" I screamed. 

"I would watch your damn mouth!" He literally growled at me. I was getting scared because his eyes were turning black with anger. I knew his wolf was close to coming out. "No, you can't fucking make me!"

"Watch me!" That was the last straw I almost rejected him! But I knew better than that. It would ruin both of our reputations in our pack and I can't go back. I just can't. I broke down and he returned to his normal self and just stood there trying to comfort me. It meant so much but he can't know not yet. "What's wrong pup?" He whimpered. 

"Nothing, it's not important." I was avoiding the subject and we both knew it but he saw I didn't want to talk about IT. 


A/N: I know I don't update that much and I love every single one that has read this story and is still reading it. I will try to update a certain day each week but I want to know wich day you want me to update and the most said day is the day we will update or at least I will anyways. Ilysm! ❤️ 

-Isabella <3

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