My parents, my brother, my sister... All dead. Why? Because of me.


10. The beach pt.3

 After our laugh-a-thon, I went over to the stray dog and began to pet it. Daxon scrunched up his nose. "You realize its a stray, right?"


"And that its nasty?"

"Again, yes."

"You're weird."

I smile. "I know. You love it."

He returns it. "Yes I do." he squatted down next to the dog and scratched it behind its ears. "You think it has an owner?"

I shake my head. There was no tags, no collar. Nothing.

He smiles wider. "Then do you want to keep it?"

I freeze. "You're shitting me."


"Where would I put it?"

"I'd keep it in my room until we leave."

"Really?" I squeal. "Than- Wait. We?"

He nods. "Well, my dear. You're coming back with me of course."

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