My parents, my brother, my sister... All dead. Why? Because of me.


6. Mate

Emily's POV

I stared, shocked. I knew it was my mate right away but come on, who wouldn't be? He was tall and had muscle but not to much, Gold eyes and dirty blonde hair, and he was an alpha. 

Ok calm down, Emily. It is just your mate, no biggie! 

I thought to myself. My wolf was screeching and wanting to kiss him. 

"Hello! My name is Emily!" I sad akwardly. 

"Nice to meet you Emily. My name is..." He was about to tell me his name when I heard an excited squeal. Daniele came running towards us and almost jumped my mate! I ended up tackling her because she was about to tackle him. I saw my mate smirking down at me. I growled at both of them. My mate because he was amused and Daniele because she was about to touch him. What can I say, I am very protective of what is mine! Brendon decided t is how up at that point and pulled me off of Daniele. He is protective of her too, I guess.                                                       Random dudes POV                               I was holding back a laugh from when she growled at me. But it soon went away when the dude pulled Emily off of the other girl. I watched the two interact and saw that she looked at him as a  brother and not boyfriend or enemy. Emily saw me staring at her and started to laugh at me. Her laugh was amazing is all that I can say. "Anyways what is your name?" Emily asked                       "My name is Daxon." I replied. Emily started giggling like crazy. She smelled the air and muttered "Shit!" I guess she smelled my hard on. I blushed it laughed to try and cover up the fact that I got a hard on. The other guy and girl  laughed like crazy people at my blush. The other girl introduced herself as Emily's best friend Daniele and the guy said that he was her other best friend Brendon. Emily invited me to her room and told her friends to go away. In an innocent voice but they apparently knew a lot better than that.                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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