Sunset bay

It all started out, when man create android, then the humans look-a-like (expectedly) rebel against their masters order and started their own Government, with that complete it wasn't long till they try to in slave their former master and rule the world, but human(who reach higher technology) fought back, legend told that the war was so great that the earth was turn to a barren wasteland, now seeing what they have done, the Humans and Androids join forces to build two ships, one for the Humans and the another for Androids to set out to find new worlds, about two years later the ships set out and headed their different paths, the humans soon landed on a planet that was called New Earth or Earth MK2 or simply Earth, but there were a substance that was there it was like a disease and it kill the Humans, but after a hundred years Humans manage to absorb this new substance and could do the four elements, this was called "Magic" and then the world as they know it change forever.


1. Coming on Wednesday.

Okay Sunset Bay is coming on Wednesday, so three days away so better be ready, okay it not about Human settlement, it not about Androids vs. Humans yet, it about a team called Rock star, Team Rock star, so see you in three days time and no I am not Zack 234 or Chaud, just want to make that clear.

note: All praises to God in their highest!

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