Fun House

As Christmas draws closer the murder's in StoneCrest town get more gruesome. The police seem to be no help and the residents of the small town just go about their daily lives as if nothing is happening, as if nothing is coming. But something is coming. Something bigger than all of us.


2. Chapter 1 : Storming


      The blonde's hair whipped violently around her oval shaped face and blinded her grass green eyes. The ponytail around her boney wrist snapped when she tried to catch the strands and yank them up into a mess bun. Her outfit covered in rain. Droplets of the crying sky hit her leather grey jacket and rolled off to the already slick cobblestone street. Lips chapped and cracking by the time the young adult turned onto Lexington street corner. There in all of it's rainy glory her dented, baby vomit green truck sat. A gash the size of Texas on the worn black leather seat covers and a  pink camo air freshener hung from the slightly tilted mirror. It's dirty surface showing her the road behind the truck. An empty street in the small town, StoneCrest Irlend. Where your accent was thick and the girls were feisty. Not anything like the blonde in the baby vomit truck. City kid from England had no place in a small town like StoneCrest.


     Her long fingers wrapped around the rusted handle of the truck and tugged a few times. French nails scraped against the metal like nails on a chalk board. The door flew open on the third tug and McDonald's cups from the floorboard fell into the puddles around the truck's tires. The blonde pursed her lips and got in the truck without a second thought to the littering. The seat dipped with the weight that had just been put on it and the blonde set her purse down on the passanger's side. The spot where the Pepsi stain still remained clear as the sky in summer. The brown purse blended in with the stained seats that were once black.

   Her arm stretched out, getting soaked from the upperarm down when she grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut in a rush. The keys hung from the handle within the car and the blonde snatched them into her hands. Fumbling with each sliver and bonze key when her nails refused to listen and grab the right one. The bronze one was put into the slot and twisted. The engine roar to life and hummed as the car set in gear. Windshield wipers. That was her very first thought when the sound of the engine filled her ears and the sickly sweet smell of gasoline itched at her nose. It twitched in response. The cellphone lit up in the floorboard and she ducked to grabbed it. Her nail clicking the screen. The blonde's thumb caught the answer button and was now pressed against her cold, pinkish ear. Her wet hair draped over it.

"Hey, Mariana." The male's voice echoed through the phone. Andy.

"Hi. What's up? I'm almost home." Mariana replied. Mariana held the phone between her ear and shoulder, fumbling with the twisted seat belt. When she heard the click of it locking into place she decided it was okay to drive, as long as she didn't have the phone in her hands and kept her eyes on the road.

"Yeah, Yeah chica, but listen. The roads out there are closed. Bridge flooded out." Andy replied.

"Andy, no! No! It's Sunday, Andy. Everything is closed, there aren't even hotels in this stupid town. What am I suppose to do?" Her frustration showed in her driving, as she swerved the slightest to the left.

"Drink. Party. I don't care, Marie. Just don't try and get over the bridge, you'd be known to do something like that." He laughed loudly from the other end. "Puttin' ya on speaker sweetie."

Mariana raised a slender eyebrow at his meaningless, playful words. "Was that another dumb blonde comment?" She mused as she pulled to the side of the road, by a small  bar.

"It was indeed, Mija!" Andy exclaimed loudly into the phone and laughed whole heartedly.

"I'm not even your daughter, Andy." She responded, "So I'm not Mija to you."

Andy grinned goofily and popped the cap off of a glass of beer on the counter. "A Mija isn't just a daughter, Mija." He teased. "It means you could be my girlfriend too."

"Like that's ever going to happen!" Mariana said. She could almost, just almost hear the smirk in his voice when he spoke.

"Don't be so quick to turn me down, babe." He was messing with her now, teasing her like a little sister.

She leaned back into the scratched leather of her truck seat and let out a long sigh. "I'm at the town's  bar," Mariana sneered. "I'll see you soon." And with that, she hung up.

Inside it was a lot bigger than it appeared. More stable too. Plastic stools lined up along the counter and long legged redheads with freckles walked around flirting with strangers. A bartender set down a red drink in a cocktail glass in front of Mariana. An umbrella set in it, leaning on the side of the glass. The little plastic ones. They were in every glass on the counter. Not including the mugs of beer. People toasted and laughed at drunk jokes about women that they would regret in the morning. Mariana wrapped her long, slender fingers (Perfect for playing the piano.) around the glass's steam. She tilted the drink and the sourly sweet liquor burned her throat as it traveled down. Her face twisted into one of displeasure. Mariana's jaw hurt as the sourness made it's self known in her mouth. "You sure you're twenty one, sweetheart?" The male model bartender winked. Mariana comically flashed her I.D. at him, her age clearly twenty two as stated on the real idea. If Andy were here, he would of probably told the bartender it was a fake and that she was still in highschool just so she would get kicked out and he could laugh at it. That was just Andy, though.

The bartender rolled his sparkling brown eyes and moved on to flirting with another girl. Freckled dotted across her cheeks and nose with chestnut curls that rested over her shoulders. Mariana shook her head, frustration setting in again. She sipped the drink again but the sour punch wasn't that bad as she sipped more and more. Until the glass went from entirely full to empty in minutes. She could hear Andy's taunting voice in her head, teasing her about getting wasted on her birthday last year. Or New Year's when she danced on top of her ex's mother's table. Again, drunk. Luckily Andy got her down before she started shouting profanities at the poor fifty year old woman.

Andy had been there for it all. Their earliest memories including bubbles and rubber ducks in the tub. The playhouse in Andy's backyard that Mariana adored. How could Mariana forget the doll she was given for her tenth birthday. It's orangey red yarn hair and the buttons that were so messily sewn on was the best thing to her. She slept, ate, studied with it. Because Andy gave it to her, and that was enough for her to never let it get away from her. Mariana and Andy were always best friends, and god forbid that would change.

"Hey Sweetie, you gotta pay too." The bartender called to the freckled brunette who had been sitting right beside Mariana for half an hour.

"Says who, babe? You?" The feisty brunette called back while fishing her keys from the bottom of her leather bag.

"I see how it is." The bartender nodded, scanning her up and down. A smirk appearing on his pink lips. "What's your name Hun?"

A smirk of the brunette's own appeared and plastered it's self on her perfect freckled face. "Diamond Monrova." She said evenly, "Call me Gem."


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