alot of love

what will happen when Laura Hemmings goes on tour with the janoskians and bumps into her ex boyfriend and old friends while there? but wait did I mention that Ashton, Calum, Michael, Jai, Luke, Beau, James and Daniel are in love with her?
-read to find out what happens-
*sorry if this is really bad this is my first fanfiction*


5. my mouth is on fire

*Laura's pov*

I woke up with a text from Luke (brooks)

be at yours in 20 x

I replied with a simple ok and left it at that. I got ready and went downstairs to see Calum and Luke (Hemmings) sat together. "hey Cal" "hey Laura you coming to Ashton's?" "nope my boys are coming to get me in abit" I replied happily. "your boys?" Luke butted in "yes dipshit my boys" "so who are your boys?" Calum asked looking a little upset but I ignored it "Jai, Luke, beau, James and Daniel and they're outside see ya" I said running out of the house. when I got out of my house I got attacked in a massive group hug. "Laura we missed you!" they all shouted at the same time "I missed you guys too" I replied. "let's go sluts" Beau shouted, we all laughed. we decided to film a challenge, the legends challenge.

~time skip~

we were half way through filming and I had already finished when James shouts out "shit my mouth is on fire" "oi shut up Luke's winning" skip shouts. So I shout "oi dickhead I already won" "oh yeah" he laughed. I pulled skip over to the camera and said "skip tell the people of the world your fashion choices for today, start with the shoes" "ah the UGGS!" when he said uggs his voice went deep. Jai was running around saying "uggs" with a deep voice, while Beau was crying 'man tears', Daniel was laughing and James and Luke were comparing how much milk each had left. I turned to the camera and said "bunch of crazy people" while shaking my head.


authors note:

sorry for not posting in a while I've been really busy. But I hope you guys liked this chapter.  


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