alot of love

what will happen when Laura Hemmings goes on tour with the janoskians and bumps into her ex boyfriend and old friends while there? but wait did I mention that Ashton, Calum, Michael, Jai, Luke, Beau, James and Daniel are in love with her?
-read to find out what happens-
*sorry if this is really bad this is my first fanfiction*


1. Laura Hemmings

well I should probably tell you about myself. my name is Laura Hemmings, yes Luke Hemmings' sister. My best friend is Jayla Irwin and again yes Ashton Irwin's sister. Anyway me and Jayla have been friends since Luke and Ashton met. My hair is purple and blue and my eyes are brown. I'm older that Luke by 2 years, I'm 20 and Luke is 18. You would think with my brother being famous that life would be perfect but really it's just normal trust me. Well I got to go see ya later.

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