alot of love

what will happen when Laura Hemmings goes on tour with the janoskians and bumps into her ex boyfriend and old friends while there? but wait did I mention that Ashton, Calum, Michael, Jai, Luke, Beau, James and Daniel are in love with her?
-read to find out what happens-
*sorry if this is really bad this is my first fanfiction*


3. erm what?!?

*Laura's pov*

so today me and Luke are going over to Jayla and Ashton's house, me and Jayla are just gonna chill and I think the boys are practicing for their new song, good girls. Soon after me and Luke got to the Irwin's house, Michael and Calum arrived. Anyway me and Jayla were sat in her room and we could hear the boys singing, so we decided to go watch them. When we walked in Ashton was the only one to notice and all he did throughout the song is stare at me. I have to admit it was cute but kinda weird at the same time. I guess I should ask Jayla about what's up with him. After we left the room we went back to Jayla's room. "aye Jay, why was your brother staring at me?" I asked. "He told me this morning that he's in love with you Laura". Come again. "erm what?!?" I felt my phone ring in my pocket, the caller id read 'brooks'. Oh fuck what does Luke want?. I answered "aye bitch what do you want?" I asked "oh hello to you to!" he replied, "hey Luke what do you want?" "come over tomorrow to film a video with us and we have to ask you something." "okay sure text me later" I replied. "see ya babe" "bye bitch" "come one you love me really" "yeah yeah see ya tomorrow" "alright bye" "bye Luke" *end call* "who was that?" Jayla asked. "just a friend" I stated, "just a friend that calls you babe?" she scoffed. "yup" I replied. then Luke called up the stairs and said mum wanted us home for dinner, so I said bye to Jayla and ran downstairs nearly tripping but catching myself before I could. I hugged the boys and ran out to the car with Luke and drove us home. We got home, I ate dinner and then I went to bed thinking of what the janoskians boys wanted to ask me. 


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