Cigarette smoke 🚬

''I hate smokers''
• • • •

you're better
than alcohol and
free concert tickets

• • • •
''I hate alcoholics''

By michaelgurl


3. newcomers

Virginia's pov

''So I saw this amazing dress at urban outfitters but i didn't have enough money so i'm gonna buy it now.'' I say as we enter the mall

''Okay I just need a t-shirt and knee socks.'' We looked at each other

''When the zeros line up on the 24 hour clock
When you know who's calling even though the number is blocked
When you waltz around your house wearing my sky blue Lacoste
And your knee socks''  
(Knee socks - arctic monkeys)

We sang a bit but at soon as we saw a cute guy we stopped. We entered UO and I started to look for this dress. After a while I found the dress. The dress was black velvet, just perfect.

''Wow! This dress is perfect for you! Now help me find a t-shirt.''

We looked for a t-shirt but they were all too expensive so we went to hottopic to find knee socks and this t-shirt.

''THIS ONE!'' she smirked.

She grabbed a white t-shirt that said: ANTI-YOU


''Okay, so I'm gonna wear this with my black skirt, these (black) kneesocks and my creepers.'' I nod to approve.

''OH! I need a new choker and necklaces!'' I say.

''Omg just hurry Virg...''


''Sorry sorry'' Giorgia says. ''But hurry anyways!''


We were in the car again talking about the party.

I love our people, we are like a huge group and everyone has his ''label''. Like, Jack is 'the dj', Tyler is 'the cocktail maker' (his drinks are the best omg), Holly 'the singer', Jim 'party kid', Emma, Molly and Michael 'the jokers', Ethan and Mia 'the rebels', Charlie 'the artist'. Charlotte 'the skatergirl' and much more. We are 25 I think.

If you wonna know, I'm 'the drinker' (I drink a lot) and Giorgia 'the guitarist'.


''Hey, J told me that there are some new aliens!'' Giorgia said. (we say aliens to newcomers.)

''No way!'' I look at her and she nods.

''hm hm, 3 guys and one girl.''

'Names?'' I asked

''I don't know, we'll see.'' She winks at me.

''We'll see.''


This is gonna be fun.


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