Cigarette smoke 🚬

''I hate smokers''
• • • •

you're better
than alcohol and
free concert tickets

• • • •
''I hate alcoholics''

By michaelgurl


2. J's party

Virginia's pov

(Arabella - Arctic Monkeys)

That's magic in a cheetah print coat
Just a slip underneath it I hope
Asking if I can have one of those
Organic cigarettes that she smokes
Wraps her lips round the Mexican coke
Makes you wish that you were the bottle
Takes a sip of your soul and it sounds like...


''God I love this song!'' I yell because the music was so loud, even the table on which the loudspeaker was placed was shaking. Nothing new actually...

Georgia was playing on her invisible guitar and I was dancing. When the song finished, Georgia turned the music off.


''Virgin listen...'' I interrupt her.

''Don't call me virgin! Just call me Virginia or Virg...''

''In, Virgin'' She says and giggles.

''Bitch! Just don't use it in public.''

''Whatever. So listen, J is throwing a party and...''

''We're going.'' I say.


J always throws good parties, good music, a lot of alcohol, did I mention good music? His parties aren't like the ''popular bitch'' parties if you know what I mean... (sex here, sex there, drama here, drama there, ''you cheating asshole'' here, ''you cheating asshole'' there and that shit) it's a home party and his house is perfect, we always go to J. And, most important, it's with our kind of people. We are grunge I guess or just ''stuck in the 80s-90s''.  (J = Jim but he hates his name so we call him J.)

Sad thing, only Georgia and I are the ''grunge ones'' in our school but the bitches leave us alone so no problem. (I can be a total bitch if I'm mad and trust me, you don't want to see that lol)


''3 words Giorg, Hottopic, Urbanoutfitters, Ice cream.'' she smirks at me.

''3 words Virg, Phone, Backpack (yes we use backpacks don't judge), Car keys.''

''Let's go bitch.''


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