Cigarette smoke 🚬

''I hate smokers''
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you're better
than alcohol and
free concert tickets

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''I hate alcoholics''

By michaelgurl


4. Go away andrew tyler olivia

Virginia's pov





At the end, I don't wonna wear the dress tonight. I grab my white ''L8R LOSER'' t-shirt, black flannel, dark green shorts and ripped thights. Where are my white docs? ......Found them!


''I'M COMING!'' I yell.

''About damn time drinker!'' Georgia says. ''Wait, what about the dress?''

''Not tonight, now come on!'' I drag her outside to my car.

''I really wonder how the new ones are!'' I say.

''Me too! I can't wait!'' She smiles. I love her smile.

''Do you have the food and drinks?'' I asked.

''Of course.''

''Good, we're here.'' I say.




Alex's pov


We were in the car listening to blink while Christian gave me the directions to Jim's house.


''So, where and when did you meet Jim and his ''company'' ?'' I asked

''Oh, I met him at the music store. I was looking for an album and he helped me and then he told me about his friends and that he was throwing a party tonight and invited us. Okay, turn left.'' He smiled at me.


I don't really like parties with a lot of people and Christian told me that the group was quite big. I'll just grab some food, some cigarettes, maybe weed, why not, and I'll look for the attic or the roof, I don't mind.


''Come on Alex, just, give them a chance. Please?'' He looks at me. I look back.

''Okay.'' I finally say.

''Thank you. Oh, we're here!'' He smiles.

''GUYS WAKE UP!'' He yells.

''Jesus, Chris, I wasn't even sleeping!'' Olivia says.

''Im gonna slap you so hard man, really?'' Andrew said. He was actually sleeping.

''Yeah, yeah, we're here so get out.'' Christian says.

''Well, actually this is my car so I have to say it. Guys get out!''

''You guys are so annoying, omg!''

''But you love us Oliv, so yeah, fuck ya!'' She just hits Andrew.

''Come on let's go!'' She says.


I took a deep breath and got out of the car. Let's do this.



Virginia's pov




He handed me a drink an said ''Tonight special, watermelon breezer with absolut vodka for my favorite drinker.''

''Thank you very much.'' I see J.

''Hey J! Are the aliens there yet?'' I ask

''Aye, this is Virginia, that's Andrew, Olivia, Christian aaaand uhm... ALEX!'' He says.

''Nice to meet y'all!'' I say. Alex didn't say much...

''Alex like Alex Turner?'' I say. He looked at me and smiled.

''You like arctic monkeys?'' He asked.

''I do. A lot actually... I love them.'' I say and he chuckels. I swear, I skipped a heart beat.

''Well, this is Giorgia. I'm gonna grab another drink, you guys should have one Tyler is the best cocktail maker!'' I say and wink at them.

''Oh wait I need a drink so I'll come with you!' Olivia said.

''GUYS I FOUND ANOTHER DRINKER!'' I say. She laughs.

''What? I don't drink, ts, u kidding?'' She said while drinking beer. I like her ahaha (no I'm not lesbian)




Alex's pov


I liked those people, they're fun and have a good taste in music, but I don't like a crowed room so I looked for the roof. There was a sign on a door that said ''ROOF''.

''Well, I guess it's here'' I say as I open the door.

I was on the roof now, with a cigarette in my hand. I heard someone singing, it was a girl. She sang 505 by arctic monkeys, I joined and sat beside her.


''I'm going back to 505,
If it's a 7 hour flight or a 45 minute drive,
In my imagination you're waiting lying on your side,
With your hands between your thighs,

Stop and wait a sec,
Oh when you look at me like that my darling,
What did you expect,
I probably still adore you with your hands around my neck,
Or I did last time I checked,


She looked at me and said ''You're Alex right?'' she giggels.

''Yes, and you're drunk.'' I hate drunk people.

''No, I'm Virginia and don't look at me like that, you're smoking and probably high.'' I like her name.

''Do you have a chewing gum or something?'' She said after 2 minutes of silence.


''Shit.'' She laughed. I also like her laugh.

''Well, what are you doing here? I'm always alone here.'' She said.

''I don't like people. Your friends are okay tho.'' I say.

''Yeah, did you get a drink?''

''I don't drink. I smoke.''

''What? U kidding?'' she was shocked


''Go away then''

''Why should I?'' I ask

''Because 1) you don't drink, 2) I was here first.'' She said

''Well, you can also leave because you're drunk.''

''Whatever.'' She said ''Bye alex'' She said before leaving.


I'm an idiot.











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