Thoughts I've been having recently.


1. Tights

Stomach wrapped in cling film,
Tights up to chest,
Leggings hug buttons; I look down in jest.

My thighs are unheard of,
My feet; non-existent,
My arms taking over, their excess persistent.

Dark colours only,
My secret is safe,
I wonder what I did to deserve all this weight.

Water drizzles down,
I wait till it’s late,
I shower in the shadows,
To pause my self-hate.

Fingers pinch;
Itching where it hurts,
I wonder how much longer it will be till I burst.

Bigger, and bigger,
Or a trick of the light?
Does it really matter when these clothes are this tight?

Breakfast is skipped,
Lunch? I won’t,
Dinner goes in,
But does it stay there?

I’m sick of pity pretties,
The lies that I’m told.
I don’t care if it kills me;
I need to be skinny
I want to feel whole.


Body dysmorphic or simply overbese?

Who cares.I'm in hospital; I'll be skinny when I'm released.

The rolls they are gone, the tights did their job,

And on my death bed I am in informed;

I'll be skinny when I'm gone.

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