Me and my friend are emos. two years ago my friend was send to a pschiatric hospital because of a depression. After months of bullying and loosing my BFF I tried suicide but someone found me and I ended up in the same Psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile Calum makes the song invisible but they will make an video about it so they visite the hospital. We are the only ones not interessed in them and we don't speak with anyone except eachother but Calum and Michael see us and they grow attached to us without knowing and they tried to visit this hospital often to see us and they trey to talk to us.


5. visite

Calum's P.O.V: i'm honestly stuck with ideas for our latest song's video. i've personally never gone through something like what we wrote but our manager has a plan luckily. it's to visit a psychiatric hospital, i honestly don't know why he came up with that and me and the guys questioned him but he told us to wait and see and that we won't regret it. the day came and it felt weird that we were gonna walk around a psychiatrist hospital, when we got there a girl was getting dragged through the hallway, i felt uncomfortable to see that and gave our manager a weird look when he mouthed 'patience calum' i looked around and saw mikey looking concerned about that girl.
I asked him if he knew her but he answered that he'd want to but he doesn't, i told him that his chance is coming as we walked up to the receptionist. the look on her face made me feel even more uncomfortable here, but i still managed to nudge mikey to indicate him that he should ask about his princess. which he did do, i personally wouldn't be able to ask HER anything after she glared at me for nudging mikey. when she answered that she attempted suicide, we were all stunned that someone so pretty could want to do that but mikey's reaction surprised us all, the receptionist noticed this and suggested that if he's so worried we should go up to room d04.
Walking up there i noticed the same girl and another one, the dragged girl asked us what we want savagely and i could already tell that mikey liked her even more, mikey opened his mouth to speak but he couldn't, i guess she made him speechless. the other girl looked up and gave a cute smile, she was gorgeous and i began to feel the same as mikey. the manager decided that they're not what we're looking for so we went up to the moody receptionist and he asked for patients that were depressed for a reason such as feeling invisible, useless or something like the feelings in invisible. she told us that it's the same room and to stop wasting her time. i don't know that girl from that room but i felt like i could do as much as possible to get her out of here.

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