Me and my friend are emos. two years ago my friend was send to a pschiatric hospital because of a depression. After months of bullying and loosing my BFF I tried suicide but someone found me and I ended up in the same Psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile Calum makes the song invisible but they will make an video about it so they visite the hospital. We are the only ones not interessed in them and we don't speak with anyone except eachother but Calum and Michael see us and they grow attached to us without knowing and they tried to visit this hospital often to see us and they trey to talk to us.


1. suicide

Ravens POV: It's been two years since my Bff was send to and Psychiatric hospital because of a depression.

I walk into the school looking for my friend Nelly. "Nelly? Nelly where are you?" I shout. "Look it's that freak again she's looking for the other freak" I hear someone say. "I am not a freak and my friend isn't a freak" i yell at her. "Your friend is in a psychiatric hospital they took her away and it's better that way now only you and the world is clean" the girl spats back. "No" i whisper. then I run to my house i lock myself up in my room and throwed with everything while screaming: "why did you take Nelly and not me why?!" then I cutted myself until i blacked out.

end of flashback.

We both are emo's and people bullied us alot. I never recieved a lettre from Kylie (my bff) and everyone hates me even my family.I'm in the toilets at school with a knife. I have no reason to life it only takes one movement I only have to take a knife and hold it against my wrist and push. I smile at the thought of never going to be bullied again and be in a place where nobody knows me where I can start all over again. I take the knife and hold it against my wrist this is it the best moment of my life. I push and I see my wrist bleeding. I fall on my knees and hold on to the sink right before I black out I see someone coming into the toilets of the school and screaming. Then everything becomes black.

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