Me and my friend are emos. two years ago my friend was send to a pschiatric hospital because of a depression. After months of bullying and loosing my BFF I tried suicide but someone found me and I ended up in the same Psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile Calum makes the song invisible but they will make an video about it so they visite the hospital. We are the only ones not interessed in them and we don't speak with anyone except eachother but Calum and Michael see us and they grow attached to us without knowing and they tried to visit this hospital often to see us and they trey to talk to us.


2. Nelly

Nelly's P.O.V
*alarm clock rings on a Monday morning* I reach my hand out towards the alarm clock, as I reach my wrist slides out of my sleeve to uncover fresh cuts about to burst. I don't wanna go, I don't wanna leave my room, it's like my shelter the 4 walls stop the negativity from me. they always find a brand new story, things that i wouldn't have thought of doing, for me it's constant hate and lowering status, for the school it's a sensation and often a hot topic. i'm 15 and i seriously hate school, i wouldn't have to do it if mom had lower expectations for me, i could've escaped school and all the gossip about me to be at work where no one knows me really and everyone's already mature enough and not be interested in little fairytales like that i kissed my best friend raven or something. she's my only friend to be honest, i have no one else to go to that will actually reply and understand me, unlike mom who's busy enjoying her business career. that's why everyone has such high expectations of me, they expect me to be an always smiling and intellectual woman like my mom cos ... she's my mom, who i was invisible to all my life ... it started off with me being called worthless and a failure but now that i've went to a higher school it's all that and silly gossip.
school's a routine hate, work, hate, work and then when me and raven are off lessons we go to the bathrooms where we cut ourselves with anything we can take in our hands. it's strange how satisfying cutting youself gets after a while, it becomes like an addiction, especially doing it with raven. but when she's not here i feel weak and i cut myself more and harder than usual. after maths during the lunch break i found a really sharp peice of metal.i pressed it hard and violently swiped it across my veins in desperation, i could give everything away to have raven by my side after the maths teacher says i've got no future in front of georgia who, as soon as the teacher got out, yelled i out across the school. i wish she was here now actually. blood poured out as i spent the whole lunch time laying there helplessly, i rarely eat, only when mom's there i pack myself lunch or something like that, that's cos i wish i wouldn't eat. in front of me the air became darkening and thick as i choked on it. i hated going through this feeling, again ..... i swear i recognised the bitter taste and generally everything. as i thought about this deeply i waved my limbs around screaming the air i actually managed to breathe in out of my lungs. behind the mist i could make out a figure a tall woman dressed poshly, from behind her a crowd came up and i could hear 'she's better off this way' and other comments. the figure came closer and closer and the misty air was going away, i could breathe and i was so thankful for this. at that moment i heard the creeking of a door and the solid and cold surface below me turned into a comfy matress, i couldn't wave my limbs around because i was tied up. as my eyes opened i realised that it was a dream, it was a flashback of what happened 2 years ago, the nurse opened my pills as i squeaked in a worn voice, no i'm fine miss, i'm okay, i'm awake, it was a dream, i swear. but she raised an eyebrow and said that i say so everytime, which is true, i often have flashbacks of things like that and wake up panicked but pills won't help it. they'll make it worse, all i need is a visit from raven or my mom atleast to know that i've actually during my two years in captivity.

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