Me and my friend are emos. two years ago my friend was send to a pschiatric hospital because of a depression. After months of bullying and loosing my BFF I tried suicide but someone found me and I ended up in the same Psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile Calum makes the song invisible but they will make an video about it so they visite the hospital. We are the only ones not interessed in them and we don't speak with anyone except eachother but Calum and Michael see us and they grow attached to us without knowing and they tried to visit this hospital often to see us and they trey to talk to us.


3. invisible

Ravens POV:
I weak up tied in a chair. I open my eyes and see doctors around me. "Ha you're awake" one of the doctors says. I nod and look at him. "We're here to help you. You wanted to do suicide?" he asks. I nod again. "Why?" I remain silent I don't like this guy at all.
"You aren't going to tell me? but then we can't help you" the doctor says. After many tries he just yells at another doctor: "take her to room d04" and with that two people pull me up and take me away to another room. I fight to get free but they only tighten their grip. When we are at room d04 they open the room and throw me inside then they lock the door and leave.
I turn around and see another girl. "Nelly?' is that you?"

Mikeys POV:
"So you want us to go to such an hospital for the video for the song invisible?" I ask at the manager. "Yes now get in the car" Me and the lads go inside the car. I hope this will be over soon. "Maybe the people there are crazy" I exclaime. "They tought about that we are only going to one with people who tried suicide and have a depression" Luke answers. "Fine" i say giving in. "Only if we can go for a pizza after that" I smile.
"Sure" Ashton says. "Thanks daddy" i say in a childish voice. When we arrive at the hospital I look in all the rooms and I see people dragging a girl away and throwing her in a room. "How could such a beautiful girl sit here" I think. I run to the doctors and ask :" Why is she here?" "She tried suicide" one answers. "Suicide?!"

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