The Outcast

Yeah Idk


2. Math Class

It was early in the morning and Marnie had just woken up. She grabbed a FOB t-shirt and some black jeans. She was feeling lazy so she threw her hair up in pig-tails. When she went down stairs, no one was home, as usual. Her dad most likely went to a bar last night and had to much to drink. Half the time she had no clue where he was. Then her phone rang. It was her dad.

"Hello? Dad where are you? You should be here."

"Calm down silly little girly! Your daddy we be home in no time!" His words were slurred. He was obviously still drunk.

"Ugh. I'm walking to school then. Stay safe."

"Okay! Don't die, I'll have to ground you Melanie."

"Marnie. Bye"


She hung up. She was fed up with this crap. She brushed her teeth, grabbed a bagel and walked out the door. While she was walking to school, a car pulled up next to her. It was an upper classman. She was pretty sure his name was Ashton. He was driving with Luke in the front seat and Michael and Calum, one of their friends, in the back.

Ashton was the only sweet guy in the car. "Hey, the school's far away. Do you want a ride?"

She hated situations like this.

"Um, that's a really sweet offer, but I'll just walk. Thank you, though."

Luke looked out the window. "Cute pig-tails."

She looked away and mumbled, "Thanks."

She turned and they drove away.

Skipping to math class, Marnie was talking to Justin before the bell rang.

"Yeah, but with the orchestral beginning, I think The Phoenix is much more epic than Novocain." He was trying to convince Marnie to like his favorite Fall Out Boy song.

"Yeah, it is epic and I like it, but the tune and words of Novocain is just, magical. It's my favorite. End of discussion," she giggled.

While they talked about that, they were cut off by someone on the football team. He was arguing with Luke. "Dude you're a man slut."

"Oh really? Says you, Mr. Player." He turned to the guys girlfriend. "You know Caitlyn? They meet in her basement at midnight. Have fun with the rest of your relationship!"

The girl budded in. "You've dated EVERY girl in this class. You're a man slut!"

Justin turned. "Not Marnie."

She just turned. "Who?"

Justin replied, "Really? She's just been in your class for, I don't know, three years?"

Marnie just tuned them all out. There was mumbling around the class.

"Wait, who?"

"Oh wait, I think it's the suicide girl in the pig-tails."

"What kind of freak wears pig-tails to school? No wonder she depressed."

Justin was furious. "What the hell?! What, were you raised in a barn?"

The insults continued until Marnie jumped up. Tears were streaming down her face. She opened her mouth to talk, but someone cut her off.

He jumped up. "Shut the hell up! All of you. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but  suicide and depression aren't something you take lightly. So you can all go fu--" The teacher cut him off. He had just walked in.

"Lucas! Office. NOW!"

It was Luke? She looked up at him. He was arguing with the teacher. She was blushing and her mouth was gaping open. He looked over and grinned at her and stuck his thumb up. She immediately sat down. She was silent for the rest of the period. She had no clue why that happened. Sarah would freak. Until lunch!

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