The Outcast

Yeah Idk


3. Lunch

"Sarah, you should've seen it! He jumped up before Mar could say a thing and he was ready to cuss everyone out. He was getting really protective."

Sarah turned to Marnie and said in all seriousness, "Hey if you guys become F-buddies will you hook me up with Michael?"

Marnie choked on her chocolate milk. "I'm sorry but, that will never happen."

They were sitting at their usual lunch table. In the back between the wall and Justin's friends. Marnie was looking at her greasy pizza on her tray and she heard the screeching of a cafeteria chair on the ground in front of her. She looked at Sarah and her face was pale. When she saw it she new what was up. Even though Sarah looked like she would murder anyone at anytime, she always acted like a lovesick twelve-year-old around her crushes. Sure enough when she looked over, Michael had pulled out the chair and sat in it backwards.

"Hey. Nice piercings," he complimented Sarah.

"Thanks! I like your tattoos. They're like really cool."

He smirked and looked at Marnie. Then behind her. She heard another chair moving and looked next to her. It was Luke. He was smiling from ear to ear.

"Hey," he greeted, nonchalantly.

"Um. Hey. Thanks for standing up for me. You know, in Math. Sorry I got you in trouble though."

"Eh, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I freakin' hate Thomas. And his stupid girlfriend."

She looked over to Thomas. So that's his name. Thomas, she thought.

Luke brought his mouth close to her ear. "Besides, pig-tails make you look very sexy."

She blushed and looked over to Michael and Sarah. They were making out ferociously. Marnie scoffed.

"Hey," Luke said, getting Marnie's attention. "You should let me take you to Pizza Hut," he said.

"Oh, I don't kno--"

He cut her off. "I'll pick you up at seven. See ya." He walked over to Michael and grabbed his red hair. "Lets go."

"Bye Michael! See you in science!" Sarah was grinning like crazy. "That. Was. Amazing."

"And gross," Justin added. "PDA is against the rules missy. Chapter three, section two." He chuckled. "Just kidding... its chapter four."

Sarah glared at him like he'd just recited the entire History book from memory and the bell rang. Marnie was still a little dazed from what happened with Luke.

"Bye Mar." She ignored them both.

Sarah walked up to her and screamed, "GOOD BYE MARNIE. EARTH TO MARNIE. HELLO?"

"Oh, sorry. Bye guys." She couldn't stop thinking thoughts that she would never think on a usual basis. What am I going to wear? How do I do my hair? My makeup? She had no clue how this date would go. With Luke Hemmings, anything could happen.



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