The Outcast

Yeah Idk


1. Introduction

This story is about a girl named Marnie. She suffers depression and has social anxiety. Her only friends are Sarah, who she's known since primary school, and Justin, a really nice boy who sits behind her in math. And then there's Luke. Oh, what to say about Luke. He has dated every girl in Marnie and Justin's Math class except for Marnie. All the other classes she has with Luke, Geography, Art, and Science, are full of girls he has dated. In Reading and English, which he has with Sarah, he also has asked every girl out, even Sarah. Every other girl said yes, but Sarah was interested in Luke's friend Michael. He was just like Sarah. Colored hair, piercings, and even tattoos. Sarah only has one, a small X on her ankle, because her mom found out and grounded her, but Michael has tons. Now, here's Marnie's story.

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