You will be All Right

Years and years have gone by since Anya and Leslie were able to leave the hospital. Now they live together in the city in an apartment. They are closer than ever, but won't admit the love they feel for each other.
(This is the last story in the trilogy that contains It's All in Your Mind and The Evil Inside of You)


3. It Will Work Out

“Daddy!” Anya rushes into Mr. Yamazaki’s embrace.

“Anya,” Mr. Yamazaki holds her close, placing small kisses to the top of her head. “It seems like ages since we saw you last. Is everything going good living on your own with Leslie?”

“It’s perfect. We are even closer than ever now. I couldn’t have wished for a better person to share my thoughts with. Leslie is my best friend.”

Mr. Yamazaki holds Anya out by her shoulders. “Only best friend? Surely by now you two would realize that you are right for each other.”

“Daddy,” Anya pouts and steps away from her father and quickly gives her mother a hug. “I mean, we did figure that out.”

“Anya?” Leslie shuffles into the front room of the apartment. “Oh, h-h-hello.”

“Ah, Leslie, how are you?” Mrs. Yamazaki smiles at the boy before kissing Anya’s cheeks.

“G-good,” he tries to fix his bed head with his hands. “A-and y-y-you?”

“Wonderful,” she nods.

“Anya, what did you figure out?” Mr. Yamazaki ruffles his daughter’s hair.

“Oh, ah,” Anya bites her bottom lip and messes with the hem of her t-shirt.

It is all right, Anya. Tell them that you are in love with the boy you met in the hospital. They will approve and love the relationship. Besides, you and Leslie were made for each other. You can tell the world that.

“I l-l-love Anya,” Leslie blurts out.

“Really?” Mrs. Yamazaki smiles a bit bigger. “That’s fantastic. You two are perfect for each other. This is fantastic.”

“Have you told Ember or Sorin?” Mr. Yamazaki asks.

“Not yet. We’ve only just started, dating, I guess you could say,” Anya walks over to Leslie. “When did we go on that walk?”

“N-nine days a-a-ago,” Leslie answers. “O-on our d-d-day off.”

“You deserve another day off soon, then,” Mr. Yamazaki comments. “To get with Ember and Sorin, as well as spend time alone together.”

“Well, we have today together,” Anya turns back to look at her parents.

“A paid day off where you’ve planned something to do, Anya,” Mrs. Yamazaki giggles. “Today is a day you always have off.”

“M-medicine,” Leslie tugs at Anya’s shirt. “Now.”

“Oh, thanks for reminding me,” Anya reaches back to grab on of Leslie’s hands. “Mom, dad, if you would excuse Leslie and I, we need to go take our medicine now. You can both stay and wait for us, but I assume you have other things to do today.”

“We actually do have some errands we need to run,” Mr. Yamazaki says. “So we’ll be off. I will make sure to give you a day off in the next week.”

“Oh, thank you daddy,” Anya smiles.

“Now go,” Mrs. Yamazaki clasps her hand in front of her. “Your medicine is more important than us. We’ll let ourselves out.”


“I knew it!” Ember exclaims before sipping on her tea.

“I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal,” Anya takes a bite of a chocolate chip cookie. “We are just closer friends now.” She wiggles a bit to get a bit more comfortable on the couch.

“Ember just wants you to be with someone that makes you happy and is the perfect match for you,” Sorin eyes all the sweets from his spot on the floor, trying to decide what one he will eat first. “That’s all.”

“That’s it. And ever since I saw you and Leslie talking in the hospital, I knew you two were meant to meet. Meant to become the best of friends. Meant to get into a relationship,” Ember reaches for a cookie. “You’re my sister after all, and I want the best for you.”

“Anya is p-p-perfect,” Leslie brings Anya into his side.

“That’s sweet,” Ember leans back in the recliner and smiles.

“Leslie always compliments me like that,” Anya starts to drink her hot chocolate to try to hide her blush.

“You two truly are perfect for each other,” Sorin says. “I don’t like to sprout romance nonsense, but it seems true to my eyes.”

“Oh, it is true,” Ember feels a jolt of something rush through her body for her sister. “They love each other very much. I can tell.”

“I l-l-love Anya,” Leslie smiles and leans his head to rest on Anya’s.

“You two truly are the perfect couple.”

“Love is such a weird thing to express and feel,” Anya comments. “But I’m glad I feel it for Leslie. He is the one that’s going to help me through the rest of my life. I’ll help him through the rest of his life too. I am so glad that I walked up to him that day in the hospital.” She leans into Leslie to feel just a tad bit closer to him. The eyes of her siblings no longer bothering her. She doesn’t care that they can see her being close to the one she loves.

The conversation breaks away from Leslie and Anya’s romance and instead focuses on Sorin and Ember’s lives. Leslie being sneaky with giving Anya kisses and placing his hand slightly under her shirt. The whole room is filled with sibling love and romantic love.

You see Anya, everything has worked out. You have a brother and sister who care for you so much. They want the best for you. The same is true with your parents. Even if your biological mother doesn’t want you, you have Ember’s mom who loves you just the same. Your father has been a wonderful care taker and will never let anything happen to you. And Leslie, he loves you with all his heart. You two share a bond that no one else can ever have. You two have shared your deepest thoughts with one another and trust each other more than anyone else. You will always be together. There is no doubt about that. You have finally gotten to the point of your life when will stop having trouble with everything that has plagued your life up until now. You will be all right, Anya. You are going to be all right.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ This took a week to write, and I think it's a good way to end the short story trilogy. I'll get back to Traveling Abroad: Summer Love soon, as well as start Daylight. Hope you liked this though! :D
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