You will be All Right

Years and years have gone by since Anya and Leslie were able to leave the hospital. Now they live together in the city in an apartment. They are closer than ever, but won't admit the love they feel for each other.
(This is the last story in the trilogy that contains It's All in Your Mind and The Evil Inside of You)


2. Confessing

“This is very nice,” Anya grips Leslie’s hand as they walk through the park near their apartment. “Just us as we walk through this beautiful park. It is so very nice.”

“So v-very nice,” Leslie squeezes Anya’s hand. “Ember s-said a-about us.”

“Don’t listen to her. We don’t have to admit that we are madly in love with each other. Since we aren’t, we are just friends.”

“Oh,” Leslie looks away from Anya with a slight pout on his lips. Saddened by how Anya thinks they are just friends. He wants more. He has lived his whole life running from people who want to hurt him, and the ones who should have loved him wanted nothing to do with him. He’s scared, but knows that Anya is the one for him. He’s in love with this girl, and she doesn’t feel the same.

“Leslie?” Anya pulls on his arm just a tiny bit. “What’s wrong?”

Leslie takes a few seconds to clear his thoughts before looking down at Anya. “N-n-nothing is w-wrong. I’m f-fine.”

“No, no you’re not. I know you too well to know that something is wrong. Please, tell me. That’s what I am here for. I don’t want you to hole up and not let me know what is going on in your head. I always let you know about me. So spill.”

“Y-you. J-j-just friends. I don’t, l-like it.”

“You don’t like our friendship. Oh, well, if you want to move out, that’s fine. I understand. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. I might move back into the Yamazaki home.”

“N-n-no, I like o-our friends-ship. I w-want to s-s-stay with you.”

“Oh, then what do you mean? Do I do something you don’t like? I’m sorry if I do. You just have to tell me and I’ll try and change my ways.”

You will be all right, Anya. Nothing is wrong. You just have to open up.

“I l-like y-you, Anya,” Leslie pulls them to a stop.

“I like you too, Leslie. We are best friends,” Anya innocently smiles.

“No!” Leslie pulls his hand out of her grip and turns away from her. “No,” he whimpers. “Y-you d-don’t s-s-seem to u-unders-stand.”

“You’re right, I don’t. You are being really vague right now,” Anya places her hand on Leslie’s shoulder. “I’m sorry if I made you angry.”

“I’m n-not a-a-angry, Anya,” Leslie takes a deep breath before turning back to face her. “I c-could never be a-angry at y-you.”

“Then what is it?” Anya confusingly looks up the boy.

Leslie grumbles, “How c-can’t you see it?”

“See what?”

“I’m r-r-right here in f-front of y-you,” Leslie gently cups Anya’s face with his hands. “I…love you,” he blurts out the words.

Anya’s eyes widen at the words that escape the boy’s lips.

See, everything is going to be all right. You have someone who truly wants to be with you for all that you are. You will be all right.

“Anya? D-did I j-j-just ruin it all?”

Anya blinks out of her thoughts and looks the Leslie in the eyes. “No. You didn’t just ruin it all. I’m just shocked. A little shocked. I never would have guess someone could love me. It’s hard to believe.”

“You d-don’t b-believe me? H-how can I p-p-prove it?”

“I said it’s hard to believe, but I can believe you Leslie. I trust you with every fiber in my being.”

“D-do you l-l-love me back?”

Anya bites her bottom lip and adverts her gaze from Leslie’s. “I feel strong feelings towards you, yes. But, is that love? I’ve never loved someone other than my family. Is what I feel towards you love?”

“Wh-what else c-c-could it be?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then it’s l-l-love.”

Anya looks back into Leslie’s eyes and smiles. “Then Leslie. I love you too. If the feeling I have for you truly is love.”

“Don’t d-d-doubt it. Just t-trust it.”

“Aren’t you scared though? This is our first loves. I don’t want to mess up and fall out of love. You are the only person in this world that I can trust with my problems.”

“I p-promise to s-s-stay in l-love with y-you.”

“That all I have is your word, I trust you. I promise to.”

Leslie smiles and feels a surge of confidence go through him. “Anya, c-can I k-k-kiss you?”

“Oh.” Anya’s face becomes red with blush. “I guess so. I don’t see why not.”

Leslie leans in and presses their lips together. Neither are experienced in kissing, so it’s not that much of a kiss. Both of them feel a happiness spread through them that no one else could make them feel.

Anya is the one to pull away and instantly looks down at her shoes as the blush takes over her face. “We need to work on that,” she lets out a nervous giggle.

“I t-t-thought it was p-perfect,” Leslie’s hands release Anya’s face. “Y-you’re p-p-perfect.” He reaches for her one of her hands and encases it in both of hers. “C-can we k-keep walking?”

Anya looks up and smiles, “Of course. Let’s get back to walking.”

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